23 Reasons Why Passive Aggressive People Actually Just Suck At Life

by Ashley Fern

There's no point in having the debate; living life in the passing lane is not the way to go. You become that person your friends can't stand, the person who is labeled "the dramatic one."

Why would you purposely choose to withhold your opinion when you so clearly have one? Isn't being direct and forthcoming the best way to handle most situations?

How else do you expect a problem to be handled and solved? There is literally no way, unless you lay your cards out for everyone to see.

But regardless of the fact that being straight up is the most beneficial way to go about life, many people still opt to take a different route.

Well today, hopefully, those people can learn why this is a terrible choice.

1. They haven't made eye contact... since, ever.

Do you know how f*cking annoying it is to have a conversation with someone who can't even make, let alone sustain, eye contact? It's awful.

You feel as if this person is essentially dismissing everything you have to say, even if it's not intentional. Good luck trying to have a conversation with you again.

2. They cause more problems for themselves, and then complain about them.

How do you get off complaining when you don't address the issue at hand?

This is one of the most frustrating aspects when dealing with passive-aggressive people. The fact that they think it's OK to complain is actually mind-blowing.

3. They never let their true feelings be known.

How is this any way to go through life? No, seriously, I'm asking...

4. You're totally suspicious of everything they say.

You never can take anything these types of people say at face value since they have such a difficult time owning up to their feelings. Are they genuine? Or are they just acting shady?

5. You can't really trust them.

How are you expected to ever trust people who can’t even trust themselves enough to express how they are feeling?

6. There is never any real resolution to a problem.

After duking it out with a passive-aggressive person, you never really leave the conversation feeling at ease.

You are still walking on eggshells, a real solution is never found and, more so, a half-argument/half-conversation is had.

7. They are the note-leavers of this world.

You know those people who leave notes on poorly-parked cars? That's the most passive-aggressive thing you can do, next to leaving notes on the fridge for your roommates.

Don't do that sh*t. If you have something to say, say it with your voice.

8. They can't say no.

Learning to say no without explaining yourself is a skill everyone should strive for.

Unfortunately, people who are passive aggressive have an awfully difficult time even wrapping this concept around their heads.  The worst part...

9. They also can't ever say yes.

They literally have no opinion, or at least not one you will ever hear about.

They are the types of people who, when you make plans, claim they “don't care” when asked for their opinion, leaving you to make all the decisions for the group... that they will later complain about to everyone but you.

10. They run away from their problems.

As if this weren't apparent enough, passive-aggressive people pretend they have no problems, since acknowledging any issue would force them to actually express themselves.

11. They never address the root of the issue.

How do you solve a problem when the person you are arguing with refuses to actually acknowledge the problem? Mhm...

12. You always have to hear about their problems with you from other people.

Since these types of people never confront the people they have issues with, it breeds a terrible sh*t talking cycle.

13. They are ticking time bombs.

Anyone who holds his or her feelings in will reach that breaking point, where he or she is bound to explode. Trust me you do not want to be in the line of fire when that happens.

14. Everyone around them has to be more intuitive.

I guess the only benefit of having a passive-aggressive friend is that your intuition skills are fine-tuned since you basically have to become a mind reader.

15. Any fights you have will last for a week instead of one day.

This struggle is all too real. These people dwell and dwell and hold grudge upon grudge until day seven, when they finally realize they should just let it f*cking go.

16. They text you from the other room.

The f*ck you wasting everyone's time for? Just have an in-person conversation that will take 10 minutes instead of a drawn-out texting convo that will span days.

17. They always expect people to pick sides.

Regardless of the fact that they are wrong and can't take responsibility for themselves, passive-aggressive people still expect their friends to take their side.

18. ...But will never take your side.

It's hilarious that these people expect you to take their side, but would never take your own in an argument because they'd "prefer to stay out of it." The f*cking worst.

19. They are constantly starting sentences off by saying, "But I feel..."

Do I look like a therapist to you? No. If I wanted to listen to people complain about their feelings, I'd turn on a “The Real Housewives” marathon — talk to someone to cares.

20. They are always victimizing themselves.

Ain't nobody got time to have people in their lives who can't take responsibility for themselves. Playing the victim is the quickest way to isolate all of your friends… that is if you haven't already.

21. They can never make a decision.

Why we’re even still bothering to ask their opinion is beyond me.

22. Everything they say is full of double meanings.

Are they lying? Are they covering their own asses? Or are they actually owning up to how they really feel? The world may never know.

23. They love to complain about problems they made themselves.

The funniest part of that entire situation is they don't even realize it's their fault to begin with!