A Celebration Of Love: Why Every Person Should Attend A Pride Event

Pride is one of the happiest weekends I have experienced in all of my time here in Minneapolis. Sometimes, I think it even tops our State Fair, which is a pretty phenomenal experience.

But, there are people out there who think Pride Weekend in Minneapolis is a nuisance that crowds our roads, ruins our parks and raises prices at the bar. And, sometimes, I wish people saw what I did.

I'm not gay or lesbian. I'm not going through some of the things other people are. And, I'm not being publicly criticized for loving someone I want to love.

But, I don't think I should be stopped from celebrating LGBT Pride Month. Because for the first time in a long time, I have never seen couples so happy in my life.

I have never seen people celebrate love the way they do during Pride. I think we take for granted our ability to love others, and I think those who don't identify as anything other than straight understand that.

I don't think they understand the pain certain people have to go through to be who they are.

Pride is the one weekend — now month — of the year when people can really celebrate being their true selves, and it is beautiful.

Even if you are straight, you should attend a pride-related event.

Besides the fact that it is one awesome party, it is also a time to see how amazing the human race is.

While the news is filled with horror stories of people killing other people, Pride is a time to reflect on the good things we do have in life. We should reflect on the times we can share with each other, and the things we have been given.

It is a time to realize that while neither our country nor our world is perfect, there is someone out there who is and who will love us for who we are, no matter how we identify.

Pride shows us that yes, while we can wear some strange clothing and dance to as many Beyoncé songs as we want, we have the freedom to love each other in this moment.

It shows us that two people — no matter what gender or race or ethnicity — can love each other more than anyone could ever understand.

But, Pride is also a time to reflect that our country isn't perfect. The fact that there has to be a Pride Month to celebrate those who are just like everyone else in this country is a bit disheartening.

The fact we are still fighting to give people their given rights is disheartening.

For some of us, those are our best friends, our siblings and our parents. And yet, we still have to argue with people of authority that everyone should be granted the right to love.

So, attend Pride. See the happiness people can bring into the world.

Experience the joy of being surrounded by so many people who are so accepting of the way you live your life.

But, don't forget Pride happens because the majority of our government chooses not to let others live the way they were born to live.

So, if you attend Pride, be happy and love others, but don't take it for granted.

Some in the world don't get to live how they want, even here in America.

Celebrate love. Celebrate happiness. Celebrate joy.

And always, always remember to share that love with others. Let your energy radiate to everyone in the world.