Money Isn't Everything: 7 Reasons 'Writer' Is The Best Job There Is

by Victória Oliveira

If you are an extremely creative person who is not ashamed of sharing your life experiences and perspectives, or if you are always trying to be a better person and get better in every way possible, you should definitely be a writer.

Writers must be empathetic to everyone, and understand the good and bad in someone, too.

As a writer, you will learn to respect people's actions and realize it's just a reaction to the struggles that formed that perspective of life.

Here are a few perks of this job:

Writers truly realize the immensity of the words “never” and “forever.”

As you grow as a writer, you start realizing the immensity of those words.

After all, forever isn’t just the last two seconds in a Disney movie where the main characters are happy; forever is a very long time.

Things have a way of constantly changing, so to forever feel one way is just impossible.

The same thing goes for the word, "never." Most people seem to think it's just a way of saying not right now.

But, considering the continuous changes that happen to us on a daily basis, this word is too meaningful to waste on things that may vary, like your thoughts and personality.

Can you actually say you have the exact opinion about everything as you did when you were a child? 

Writers acknowledge they do need money to survive, but they also realize it's not the most important thing.

Money is important in today’s society, but even though capitalism may disagree, it is not the most important thing in the world or in life; it is just a way to survive.

Writers acknowledge there’s more to life, and try to live as well as possible, even with the eventual struggles of life.

Writers see their own sadness and solitude as inspiration to create.

It’s no secret that writers often feel inspired to write after going through their own personal hardships, as this is something brought to public attention by writers for decades.

In writing, you get to embrace all of your emotions, not only the bad ones. Emotions can be used to create on a canvas just as much as inside pages, whether they are negative or positive.

Writers can work from anywhere and have a flexible work schedule.

One of the best things about being a writer is that you can write from anywhere, as long as you take your laptop or a notebook with you.

You don’t have to go to an office every day to execute the same old job at the same time, or have a predictable life.

You can travel and enjoy where you are while you're working.

Writers are working adults who actually get to use their creativity and perspective — and get paid for it.

As a writer, you can constantly be in touch with your inner child; it doesn’t die because of obligations and responsibilities.

You can write from the perspective of anyone — both adult and child — and create any character you would like.

Writers can work in their PJs.

Usually, there’s no such thing as a dress code when you are a writer. If you are a freelancer, no one will stare or judge you and your life choices if you show up to work on your PJs.

After all, you're probably doing most of your work from home.  

Writers get to know at least a little bit about everything.

Writers nowadays must read and research all the time to have enough information to write excellent articles on any topic.

After a while, you discover something that interests you, and start focusing more on it.

It doesn’t get boring; you will get a new topic to write about every day, and there’s always a new writing style to learn.

Need an extra push? What if I told you writers get to do to cool things, like go to concerts, meet their favorite celebrities to interview them and even travel for research for free?