6 Ways Millennials Can Change Society For The Next Generation


All people think their generation will change things.

Some are right, but others just follow the established paths.

I think we're living in one of the most exciting times of human history. We're Millennials, and we're going to change the world.

Here's how:

1. Keeping The Government In Check.

Human history often follows the story of a government beginning as benevolent force and then turning on its population by committing war, slavery, genocide and segregation.

Even in modern times, governments have been known to slip up on human rights issues, which can be seen in the Russian crackdown on homosexuality and the widespread issue of police brutality in the United States.

These issues were once swept under the rug and forgotten in history.

Now, with smartphones as abundant and powerful as they are, the entire world is being recorded.

If people see police acting wrongfully or politicians committing crimes, bystanders can record a video and show the world within seconds.

The population has the power to keep our government in check.

2. Finally Ending Prohibition.

The United States learned a rough lesson following the ratification of the 18th Amendment, which made the purchase of alcohol illegal for 13 years. In that time, an entire black market business created and distributed bootleg alcohol.

The mafia gained its foothold, and organized crime was born.

Years later, the war on drugs would create even more problems: more crime, more drug use and more prisons filled with people for light offenses.

With the recent legalization of marijuana in various states, Millennials have to keep the torch burning.

We need to continue pushing our government to stop the charades that have devastated this country for decades.

Our generation is learning prohibition just doesn't work. Portugal decriminalized drugs 14 years ago, and drug abuse rates are down there. Go figure.

3. We're Going To Usher In True Equality.

It wasn't too long ago when racism and sexism were systematized. They were so widespread no one really reported on them.

With the power of social media, inequality is steadily exposed. Instances of racism and sexism have gone viral, bringing shame and backlash to those who perpetuate it.

We are obsessed with social justice. And, when properly argued and demonstrated, our generation can absolutely smash the historic practices of our forefathers and truly make this world a place of equality.

4. Saving The Environment.

All over the Internet and television, we receive more and more news of the environment being negatively impacted by mankind.

While the generation before us can't reach a consensus on the validity of these devastating claims, we can.

As if it's hardwired into our DNA, we know things need to change.

Our generation is already producing new and innovative technologies that can finally save (or at least begin the long process of healing) our environment.

5. A New Artistic Era.

There are times when culture seems to jive and art is plentiful, like the during Renaissance, the 1960s or even the dark beauty of the early 1990s grunge takeover, a new artistic era is rising among our generation.

Beneath the cat pictures, the twerking videos, and the Snapchat stories, some real art is being created.

Electronic music has revolutionized music making by taking mere sounds and transforming them into melodies and rhythms.

Spoken word poetry is gaining mainstream popularity for the first time since the 1960s, and the advent of eBooks have taken the gatekeepers out of the industry and exposed millions of new authors (for better or for worse).

We are living in an era of inspiration and artistic expression, but we just haven't figured it out.

6. We Actually Care.

Our parents' generation likes to call us the "me, me, me" generation because we want the world to be exactly the way we want it to be.

And they're right, kind of. We aren't the apathetic, ignorant bunch the media paints us to be. We actually care.

We care so much we want to change the world. We won't settle for halfway.

We have the power to change it all. In "On Writing," Stephen King wrote, "I don’t want to speak too disparagingly of my generation (actually I do, we had a chance to change the world but opted for the Home Shopping Network instead)." We're not going to make that same pitfall.

Here's to changing things.