Hungerlust: 21 Signs You Live Your Life By The Next Time You Can Eat

by Ashley Fern

We've all heard of wanderlust before, the strong desire to travel, but have you ever heard of hungerlust?

Today, we are creating a new term, one you may have not realized already plays a huge role in your life.

Hungerlust refers to the desire to eat, to travel to try new and exciting foods and to be completely and utterly motivated by eating.

Does this sound like you?

It's OK. You can admit it because I would have to say the majority of people live their lives this way.

So how do you know if you experience hungerlust? Well, chances are you relate to most, if not all, of the following:

1. You follow more food accounts than you do friends.

You may not follow your roommate's personal Instagram, but you most definitely follow that foodie account she made when you both were stoned on your couch.

It's nothing personal; you would just rather see what she's eating for lunch than what her pet looks like.

2. Your diet is automatically ruined the moment you see something delicious.

Willpower is not a common theme in your life unless it comes to willing something delicious onto your plate.

While many people you know are striving to eat healthy, the only thing you care about is eating deliciously.

3. You specifically travel for food.

Some people choose vacation destinations based on pools and beaches.

Fortunately for you, you are not one of those people.

Instead, you are more concerned with what you will be eating while lying poolside.

4. You daydream more about food than sex.

If living like this is wrong, then we don't want to be right.

While sex may only please you some of the time, we all know food pleases you most (if not all) of the time.

5. You get depressed when one of your meals is not up to par.

You only get three shots in one day to have an amazing meal, so when one of those three disappoints you, it's really just heartbreaking.

What if it's dinner that fails you? That's just a terrible way to end your day.

6. You eat, well, just in case.

You may have just finished lunch, but that doesn't mean you aren't already thinking about a snack.

You know you have errands to run, which means you won't be eating dinner until way later, so it obviously makes sense to overeat now to make up for it.

7. You watch cooking shows the way other people watch "House of Cards."

And you aren't even a little bit embarrassed about it because why should you be?

8. Foodporn gets you off more than regular porn.

There is no shame in your food game. If you don't think eating dessert can result in a foodgasm, you're seriously delusional.

9. Your day is ruined when you waste your calories on unsatisfying foods.

There should be some way to return these calories and exchange them for a solid meal.

10. You always overorder... and never regret it.

Why do people think taking a doggy bag from a restaurant is rude? Isn't wasting food worse? You've already paid for this food.

Aren't you just being responsible by taking the leftovers home with you?

11. Most people spend half of their money on rent; you spend it on food.

Do your friends laugh at you for this? Of course, they do. Do you actually care what they have to say about the subject? Most definitely not.

12. Your life motto is "should've gotten a large."

There is no worse feeling than finishing your food and wishing you got more.

Sometimes you think maybe you should try and curb your appetite, but that always ends in regret and another food order.

13. You live in a sh*tty apartment because you spend all of your money on food.

When trying to create a sustainable budget for yourself, you know there's one aspect you are not altering -- food.

You don't care if you have to give up an elevator for a walkup; all this gives you is another reason to eat more since you're burning calories walking up the stairs.

14. Bad taste is a relationship deal breaker.

You can't bring yourself to date anyone who doesn't share the same habits when it comes to eating.

Anyone who doesn't think about food all day is not the right person for you.

15. The only organ you care about is your stomach.

While other people are most concerned about their hearts and brains, the only body part you're constantly fixated on is your stomach and what's going in it.

16. You don't associate with picky eaters.

Picky eaters are not your friends. I mean what are you supposed to do with them when you go out to eat together?

It's not as if you can share any dishes with them, so what's the point of them being there?

17. You can smell if a meal was farm-raised or not.

You have superhuman smell when it comes specific foods -- you know when it's Kobe beef and when it's not.

18. You've had more one-night stands with pizza than with people.

And you feel absolutely no regret when you wake up alongside yet another empty pizza box.

19. The way to your heart is food, not a drink or anything else.

Some women prefer diamonds; you prefer hot, cheesy food. How are the two even comparable?!

20. You've never successfully been on a diet.

You don't diet. You've accepted what's important in your life and food is at the top of your list. What's the point of restricting yourself? Sounds miserable to me.

21. You don't eat to live; you live to eat.

We've all heard the saying, "Eat whatever you want, and if people try to lecture you about your weight, eat them too."

My name is Ashley, and I support this message.

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