If You're Serious About Weed Legalization, Sign The Petition To Legalize It On A Federal Level (Petition Inside)

How great is this country we live in? The rules aren't that bad as it is, and if we don't like it, we can just b*tch and whine until we get what we want. It's the American way! But finally, there's a cause out there worth fighting for, and you can help. Visit the official White House website to sign a petition that will legalize and tax cannabis on a federal level. This comes from the publicly open request:

Cannabis should be legalized for retail sale and consumption on a federal level for all above the age of 21, and it should be taxed.

We couldn't agree with this any more, and you should too! It's about time we're allowed to puff on the city streets without being scrutinized and alienated. It's time for our kids to grow up and realize that weed is good, and alcohol is bad. While President Barack Obama has been on the fence between fully endorsing it and making absolutely no changes, it seems like the issue has lost some momentum on Capitol Hill.

Here's your chance to help. For more on the issue, check out the video below explaining how the White House has actually been experimenting with reefer for time now. In case you missed the first link, sign the petition HERE. Quit playing.

via White House, Top Photo Courtesy: 420 Chop Shop