Your Hangover On Social Media Vs. Your Hangover In Real Life

by Ashley Fern

The impression you give off on your social media is vastly different than the life you are actually living.

We spend a good portion of the entire weekend lying in our beds in the fetal position, Snapchatting our closest friends the ugliest pictures we can muster.

But if you checked out Instagram and Twitter, you would think our hangovers are just another glorious day.

The truth is it isn't and we look (and feel) like complete sh*t. So what does your hangover in real life look like compared to your social media presence? Hmm...

The black hole that is your stomach

Your stomach is a bottomless pit when you are hungover as f*ck. Honestly, there's not even enough food in the world to satisfy you in that moment.

 How do you really feel?

There is no way you are posting your entire hungover face for all the world to see when you're hungover. This the perfect and most optimal time for memes.

Ain't no shame in doing what you want

It's either the stride of pride or walk of shame... it just matters how you view the situation.

The struggle is real

You may be telling the world you ingested an entire pie of pizza yourself, but you know you spent the better part of your night and morning with your head in the toilet.

The only thing you are cuddling is your pillow and Netflix

Oh please, no one is spooning you while you are in the fetal position and, honestly, why would you even want to be touched in this condition?

Where did your center of gravity go?

Social Media:

Can we pretend like it never happened — Ellaine (@ScarletCarlisle) November 5, 2014

Real Life:

Unfortunately, there are too many ways for people to capture your embarrassing moments on film.

Who drives the struggle bus? You do!

Social Media:

So glad to have an extra hour to be hungover today. — The H Factor (@onelongbender) November 2, 2014

Real Life:

I no longer need to drink to be hungover, isn't middle age just swell — Robin Ince (@robinince) November 3, 2014

 Hangover helper

Everyone knows you are just chugging gatorade because there is absolutely no way you are venturing to a fancy juice store.

You know you're getting old when...

Don't try and fool anyone! We know you aren't being active on a Sunday. You are still in bed like the rest of us and if you really aren't... well, sit down because you're making the rest of us feel terrible about ourselves.

Selfie Sunday

If your makeup isn't running down your face on a Sunday morning, then no one wants to see a picture of you -- especially a selfie. Make us laugh or forever hold your peace.

Physical activity is nonexistent when you're hungover

Social Media:

I'm hungover and dying and my apartments elevators broke so I have to climb 17 flights of stairs... I'm not gonna make it guys — Sara Kush (@skushh) November 2, 2014

Real Life:

I either am not hungover at all or I feel like I'm dying and there's no inbetween — Brenna Waite (@dontwaite_up) November 1, 2014