What Your Hair Part Says About Your Personality


Let's cut to the chase: How much money you make, how hard you work and how deeply you care has nothing to do with whether or not you succeed.

It all comes down to how you part your hair.

You want me to back that up with hard-hitting research?

Fine, I will.

John Walter, a computer expert with training in nuclear physics and mathematics (BA, SUNY Oswego), and Catherine Walter, who trained in cultural anthropology (BA, SUNY Geneseo), have spent many years researching hair part trends and their associated personality traits.

According to their website,

So, based on their findings, someone who parts their hair on the left activates a subconscious response from others that comes from the left hemisphere of their brains.

Since the left part of the brain rules logic, analysis and linear thought, someone who parts their hair on the left side will be seen as someone who is logical, organized and exuding confidence.

Because of the way they are treated by others, these people may develop a take-charge attitude.

John himself can even attest to these findings:

A left hair part is also associated with masculinity, so women who part their hair on the left, like Hillary Clinton, for instance, may be seen as more masculine by observers.

The Walters found that people who part their hair on the right come off as more fun-loving and reliable.

They are viewed as easy to relate to and may give off a vibe of creativity and femininity because of the association to the right hemisphere of the brain.

Furthermore, those who are either bald or wear their hair parted in the middle or with no part elicit subconscious responses of being more balanced or neutral.

These individuals give off a grounded vibe of someone who really has their head on their shoulders.

So there it is, kiddos. Change your hair, change your life.

I've given you the keys to success, but it's up to you to open that door.

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