Through Thick And Thin: Why All Besties Need A Friend-iversary Date

by Monica Simon

Anniversaries are sweet, right? I mean, you made it through another year with your significant other, which deserves a huge sigh of relief and a nice pat on the back. You’re happy; he’s happy; we’re all happy.

Except, wait... There’s another person who never gets a pat on the back and plays a large role in this situation. It's the person who listens to you vent about how the man you are so in love with always leaves his dirty socks on the floor.

In fact, this person may have listened to you complain your way through numerous breakups and never left your side.

That’s right; we’re talking about the best friend.

For how much crap we put ourselves through with love and breakups and crushes and ex-boyfriends, why don’t we hold a higher standard for the loyal sidekick who stands by us through it all?

It’s about time we dedicate a nice paragraph-long Facebook post to our besties, and maybe even take them out to dinner. Why the hell not? If you continue to make it, year after year, with the same best friend by your side, I think it’s about time you start celebrating your friend-iversary.

On a hot summer day, I was drunkenly laughing with my best friend on a pontoon boat off the Jersey shore. It was on this day I realized she might be the only person who would sit in the water with me while I peed (at a safe distance away).

Upon climbing back on board, we started shouting our sentiments to each other and realized we have been friends for 13 years. Thirteen! My longest romantic relationship lasted for four years...

So, we pinpointed the approximate date of when we met and decided that was our day. Here’s why you should, too:

Your Best Friend Stayed By Your Side Through At Least One Breakup

Have you ever heard people talk about their dismay when they realize that after a breakup, they can’t call their ex-boyfriends to help them feel better? Well, guess who they call next? Their best friends.

Whether it’s the first time you're going through a breakup or the 20th time, your best friend is there to lend an ear.

Your Best Friend Has Seen You At Your Worst

I’m talking when you are ugly crying, or when you are angry at that bitch across the bar who got to the guy you had your eye on first. Or, when you have your period, you feel gross, and you hate everyone in the world.

Usually, because it’s a platonic relationship, your best friend will have an easier time sticking with you through those moments when your inner devil demands attention.

Your Best Friend Knows All Of Your Dark Secrets And Still Loves You

She knows about the mental breakdown you had in college, and the number of guys you slept with throughout your life.

She knows the drunken mistakes, how hideous your hair looked when you got a pixie cut in seventh grade and just enough about your history with tequila to tell you to put it hell down.

However, she can also laugh with you about these things, which makes it more bearable when she tells you to knock it off.

Your Best Friend Is Honest With You, Even When It Pisses You Off

Sometimes, there’s nothing you would like to hear less than the cold, hard truth. Believe me, your best friend knows that. Still, if she’s that great, she’ll suck it up through your tantrum in order to tell you the harsh truths you need to hear to protect yourself.

She doesn’t want to tell you you're making a huge mistake by dating a guy who treats you like sh*t. You don’t want to hear it, but she knows you need to, and that takes a lot of tough, pure love.

Your Best Friend Is Always There To Root For You

Maybe the guy you dated in college knew all your dreams about your future career, but hey, he’s long gone. By now, you may have a new dream. Your best friend probably can compose a timeline of all the dreams you’ve ever had.

When you reach one of your goals, she’ll be there to cheer you on and buy you a drink to celebrate. The assh*le you dated in college won’t. Cheers to that!

So, grab your bestie and pick a date. Take out your iPhone and schedule your friend-iversary. No one deserves a day of appreciation more than the person who sticks with you through it all.