Mom Knows Best: 4 Times Your Mother Was And Still Is Always Right


I hate to even admit it, but my mom is usually right.

From the time I was a young child to the present, my mom has been correct on most occasions.

There have been plenty of fights, tears and laughter in our relationship.

However, the one thing she never did was say, “I told you so,” after I sat in my room crying over situations I probably could have avoided, had I listened to her.

There are times I and sit back and think, “My mother probably thought I was a lunatic.” But, she loved me no matter what.

Now that I think about it, there’s a plethora of things I should have listened to my mom about, like the following:


Ah, yes. Seeing the cringing look on my mother’s face after introducing her to some of my previous boyfriends wasn’t obvious at the time, but it sure was there.

As a mother, my mom saw right through the good and bad of guys I surrounded myself with; yet, I listened to nothing she said.

Had I listened to my mom, I probably would have had fewer heartbreaks and more confidence, now, in relationships.

No matter how much I went back and forth with the same guy, my mom only offered her advice when I wanted to take it.

As much as it probably hurt her to see me go through a lot of the relationship woes I did, she never chastised me and was always there to listen.

Your mom usually knows best when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. Why? Well, she’s probably been there and done that.

Sometimes, some of the things she says still goes one ear and out the other, but I listen more now that I'm older -- that’s for sure.


I’ve had the same group of friends for about seven years now, but that’s not to say we haven’t had our rough patches.

My mom would listen to me rant and whine, and after siding with my friends multiple times, I would just yell at her like I did them.

Looking back, I should have taken her advice on many issues I had with my friends, but, instead, I had to learn the hard way and lost some good people down the road.

Fortunately, my real friends have stuck by my side. Just know, when your mom sides with your friends in a fight, it’s likely you who is in the wrong, not them.


Coming from a single-parent home, my mom taught me the importance of being frugal. Nonetheless, she always provided the best of the best, and when times got hard, she provided no matter what.

Seeing her spread herself so thin for me and my brothers was something I’ll be forever grateful for.

When I was younger, I used to spend my money on careless things, and she would always lecture me on why I should save.

At the time, I could care less, but, eventually, I saw the value in saving a dollar, thanks to her.

When it comes to finances, ALWAYS listen to your mom.

Being Kind

My mom was the mom who took in kids when no one else would. Her heart has always been open to anyone, and for a while, I didn’t get it.

Due to personal issues, I was cold for a while, but my mom informed me one day, my attitude would take me to places I wouldn't want to be. She, of course, was right.

Being good to someone, even when that person isn't good to you, is always better than reciprocating negativity.

My mom would always try to tell me that being a good person gets you places, which is true.

No matter how far you go, if you don't have positive intentions, it typically won't work out. Of course, I learned this the hard way, too, but I did, indeed, learn.

My mom is amazing, and I owe almost everything to her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms, and remember, listen to your mom!