Let It Out: The 5 Perfect Places To Cry In Public Where No One Will Notice

Everyone needs a good cry every now and then. Maybe you just ended a bad relationship. Or maybe you just discovered that Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte season has ended.

Either way, we all know that it's bound to happen, and we can't always control when... or where. So next time "that" song comes on while you're listening to your iPod on shuffle, don’t try to hold it together, just head straight to one of these places.

A Movie Theater

The dark room will make it nearly impossible for anybody to notice your welled up eyes, and the loud noises will drown out your wailing sobs. Besides, even if somebody does notice, nobody will judge you. A romantic “Notebook”-like movie can make even the toughest of viewers tear up.

A Boy Band Concert

You’ll fit right in with the hundreds of other crying fans, desperate to touch Harry’s hand, or Justin’s foot. And even better, people will mistake your hysterical rocking back and forth as dancing.

A Bathroom Stall

Just because we see it in every teenage movie doesn’t make it any less perfect. Use the toilet paper to wipe that runny nose, and read the witty graffiti scratched into the walls as a pick-me-up. Anyway, you’re already crying in public; it’s too late to salvage your dignity. You might as well pop a squat on the toilet seat and make yourself at home.

A Library

If you’re a quiet crier, then this is the perfect place for you! Head to the book stacks, hide yourself between the shelves, and just let go. Don’t worry; chances are nobody will find you there. People only use libraries for the free Wi-Fi these days.

A Public Pool

Red eyes? Blame the chlorine. Plus, these places usually have great junk food stands – nothing cheers you up like a soft-serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. You can eat away your feelings all day long (or until 5 pm, when the pool closes).

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It