Experience 'The Walking Dead' Escape

For all you 'Walking Dead' fans out there, we have some good news for you. As many of you know Season 3 is about to wrap up.

The season is projected to end at the end of March. Leaving you to wait another whole year until season 4 to get your fix. Well the 'Walking Dead' producers decided to treat their fans and offer them a live "Walking Dead' experience while they wait for season 4.

'The Walking Dead Escape' is a 30 to 50 minute obstacle course that is staged in the Wells Fargo Center. The obstacle course gives you and your team a chance to escape the undead.

The course includes an evacuation zone, a highway, a hospital, and a prison, as well as a head-to-head gladiator tournament. So next time you feel yourself eagerly waiting for the next season of 'Walking Dead' feel free to stop by the Wells Fargo Center and get your fix.

Tom Cooper | Elite.