Trick Yo'self: 8 Small Ways To Exercise Without Even Realizing It

by Ryan Rodal

It's 5 pm, and you just got off work.

You're supposed to go meet your friend to work out.

Quickly, you think of a way to get out of it.

"My lunch really isn't sitting well. I better sit this one out." No, that's too generic.

"I have to take my dog out. There's no way I can make it today." 

Wait, you don't have a dog. (Your better get one in the future.)

"I'm supposed to take my girlfriend to dinner tonight." Damn, you're single. That won't work.

We've all tried to come up with every single excuse in the book to avoid working out.

Perhaps it's a lack of motivation. Or maybe, it's a fear of judgment from other gym members.

It simply could even be you just have undiagnosed case of ADD, and you hate sitting in a gym for more than 10 minutes.

Whatever the case, you can still lead a healthy, active lifestyle without having a gym membership.

1. Go for a walk.

Walking is one of the simplest ways to maintain physical activity, and it costs exactly zero dollars. It can be done anywhere, at any time.

Try waking up 30 minutes earlier to go for a walk. If the grocery store is half a mile away, put in the 10-minute effort, instead of getting into your car for all of about four seconds.

In areas all around the world, the people who live the longest typically walk a lot.

2. Park farther away.

Instead of waiting five minutes to get the closest spot possible, choose one of the many open spots at the other end of the parking lot.

There's no reason to block traffic by waiting to snag that prime parking spot, knowing damn well it will only save you 15 seconds.

I know parking 10 spots farther away may seem like an eternity, but it'll be well worth it.

3. Go for a hike.

Hiking is not only a great way to burn calories, but it also provides several potential selfie opportunities.

Plus, you get in touch with nature and sh*t.

You'll also appear more well-rounded to new people. Add hiking to your list of hobbies on Tinder, and watch your matches increase exponentially.

4. Go dancing.

Caught your attention, didn't I?

After downing your seventh shot of whiskey, feel free to let loose to the latest Rihanna song on the dance floor.

That's right, ladies. You can still burn calories in a mini-skirt. Who said exercising can't be fun?

5. Go paddleboarding.

If you live close to the beach or a lake, try paddleboarding.

You'll burn calories, increase your stabilization and improve your core strength. Even if you don't particularly care, your friends will think you're way more active than you really are.

6. Go for a bike ride.

I'm not saying you should go all out like the retired senior citizens who bike in herds.

Just hop on your bike, and enjoy the scenery.

7. Take the stairs.

Are you one of those people who wait several minutes to take the elevator to the second floor? Save time and burn calories by taking the stairs.

Whether you're at the mall, work or your apartment building, just walking a few flights of stairs a day will result in several thousand extra calories burned over the course of a year.

Just think of all the extra Nutella you can consume.

8. Laugh more.

Studies show laughing just a few minutes per day can burn as much as 40 extra calories.

A little extra laughter may help you drop several extra pounds over time. Having a sense of humor pays after all.

Exercise doesn't have to be a long, tedious and grueling process, and we can all find new ways to stay active.

There are several small steps we can take to achieve a healthier and happier life (or at least avoid those extra few pounds on the waistline).