Why You Need To Stop Believing Everything Happens For A Reason

by Amanda Mehall

Life can be brutal.

In fact, it can be downright ruthless, testing every bone and cell in your body just to see how much you can seriously take.

Life can and will beat you down until you feel like nothing more than a piece of summertime roadkill.

But let's get one thing straight: You cannot let the universe stomp all over you and simply retaliate with, “This is all happening for a reason.” Because it is not.

Believing in the old, “everything happens for a reason,” trope is an extremely passive way to deal with life’s obstacles. It is what you say to someone when you do not know what else to say.

Telling someone, “everything happens for a reason,” is like putting a Band-Aid over a stab wound.

It is a phrase that forces people to turn a blind eye to the fact that life is unfair.

Instead of going out and pursuing a change to a situation, sitting on your ass and saying it’s happening for a reason won't fix anything.

You can spend day in and day out racking your brain, making yourself feel like sh*t because you’re trying to figure out what the reason behind this life-altering situation is, and it gets you nowhere.

You’re going to drive yourself mad with the “what ifs” and “could haves.” You just have to accept the change and move forward.

Stop looking for a reason — chances are there's not one. Sometimes life just sucks.

Telling yourself there is a reason behind all of our suffering only covers it up; it does not make it go away.

Understanding the future does not dictate the present is crucial. Your current suffering will not pay off in the long-run. If you hate your job, quit.

If you’re unhappy in a relationship, break up. You are not doing yourself — or anyone else for that matter — any favors by slowly killing yourself.

It is up to you to seek out opportunities rather than waiting for one to appear out of a dreadful situation.

Sometimes terrible things happen to beautiful people, and the ugliest get good fortune handed to them.

Whatever it is you may go through, you will not always uncover some logic behind it.

People are sh*tty and sometimes, life sucks. Sometimes there is not an explanation for why or how; sh*t just happens and that’s called life.

We don’t always get the justification or closure we deserve on why certain things happen to us because a reason does not exist. People are dicks, and they are not always loyal.

You should not give a f*ck about these selfish, inconsiderate people, and you should stop giving them the satisfaction of wasting your time wondering why they f*cked you over. They are sh*t people, that’s why.

However, how we manage to stand back up after being knocked down is what makes us who we are.

You have to find it within yourself to move on past these situations, which left us so confused and so damaged, and continue kicking ass.

Not everything happens for a reason; we pave our own paths in life and follow them the best we can.

You are in control of your life, and sometimes, you make the wrong choices.

No one chooses to go through tragedy, sometimes it just happens.

It is impossible to lead a completely happy, functional life and that is okay. Just focus on learning from your mistakes.

Persuading yourself that you were destined to f*ck something up or be screwed over results in no learning and no growth.

Accepting calamity and mistakes as part of your past can allow you to create some moral code to go by in the future.

How we grow as humans from all the terrifying, heart-wrenching and unmerciful moments is how we create a stronger person of ourselves somewhere along the way.