Why Everyone Should Live In New York At Least Once In Their Lives...And Then Leave

by Charlotte Phillips

A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with New York. There are elements that are so truly fantastic, inspirational and dynamic that it's impossible not to have fun in this city.

And yet there are some traits of the city that are so disgusting, vile, cruel and unkind that you wonder how humanity could have descended to such a low point.

New York City can be a wonderful place to live and work, but it has the capacity to change you as a person. It can make you hard, jaded, cynical and calculating.

For that reason, anyone moving to New York City should consider it a non-permanent move. Learn from the good. Reap the rewards, and then leave, going to place a little more equal, a little more well-rounded, a little less harsh.

1. Why you should live here:

The streets are paved with gold. It's a city in which anything is possible. Job opportunities are everywhere.

Why you should leave:

The streets are actually paved with dog sh*t and chewing gum. It's too dirty for words.

2. Why you should live here:

You meet new, exciting people every day. The fabric of your life is hugely expanded by the city, and you never know when a significant person is going to walk into your life.

Why you should leave:

Unfortunately, you meet plenty of psychos. New York draws crazy people like no other.

3. Why you should live here:

There's a vibrant, dynamic restaurant scene. Every cuisine from around the globe could be at your doorstep in 30 minutes.

Why you should leave:

You should actually see the places your food originated in. Don't start thinking Little Italy makes up for the real thing, and experiencing Chinatown is not actually Beijing.

4. Why you should live here:

The dating scene is so much fun. You meet attractive, successful men every day, and they know how to treat a woman.

Why you should leave:

Just about 99 percent of these men are scum. They believe their wealth (generally inherited, BTW) and a couple of dinners, entitles them to expect certain things from you, lead you on and then disappear, leaving you confused and disillusioned. This is the city the term “ghosting” was made for.

5. Why you should live here:

The clubs and bars are so much fun. No other city would have as much to do on a Tuesday in November.

Why you should leave:

The club scene gets very old, really fast. You start to realize you're not actually communicating with your friends when out "socializing." Instead, you're uploading photos to look like you're having more fun than you actually are.

6. Why you should live here:

The skyline is incredible. Monuments like the Empire State and Chrysler Building are emblems of success and aspiration. They're iconic and they're beautiful.

Why you should leave:

Meh, you get used to it. Plus, the skyline doesn't exactly make up for paying silly amounts to live in a boxlike apartment where you have yet to meet your neighbors.

7. Why you should live here:

The shopping. From Scoop on Madison Avenue to little boutiques in Soho, you'll be exposed to the best new designers and the hottest trends.

Why you should leave:

You realize that buying two things in Barneys costs more than your rent. This city steals your budget, and by the time you factor in the restaurants stealing your waistline, the clothes look less cute anyway.

8. Why you should live here:

It's incredibly diverse and multicultural, welcoming people from all walks of life.

Why you should leave:

You realize the city is more welcoming to certain people than others. You see poverty right in front of you on the streets, and you become as immune to it as the New Yorkers you initially condemned for their lack of feeling.

9. Why you should live here:

It's a chance to be independent, to move away from home to one of the most happening, busy, popular cities in the world.

Why you should leave:

New York City without family has the capacity to be a lonely place. You start to realize what you had at home isn't always easy to replicate in a city where people have a tendency to be self-centered.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It