Those You Keep Around Vs Those That Weigh You Down

In a culture where relationships, both romantic or platonic, come and go more rapidly than seasons it has nonetheless become easier to lose the natural yearning for partnership we discover in our childhood.

Still, there is not a soul out there who can deny the fact that there happens to be some individual out there who, at one point or another, was a significant staple in their life. We need people to feed and nurture our minds, and those who have the biggest impact on us do not fade away due to distance or lack of staying in touch.

We only have our own minds to go by, so what we discover in the mentalities of others plays a significant role in how we judge ourselves and those around us. Companions are no longer strictly beneficial to have around for a Sunday date at the corner ice cream parlor. Friends now act as a shielding support system from the cruel outside world of the society in which we live. We weed out forged friendships typically in times of distress, for that is when people’s true colors usually illuminate.

Anybody in their mid-20s can tell you that the relationships established in high school are of little substance in comparison to any of those produced in college. Hopefully, by the home stretch of your teenage years you have grown out of molding yourself into what you consider society’s image of perfection.

It is now time to appreciate what is genuine, because this quality will help you distinguish yourself and figure out what you want and who you want to be around out of the millions of people in this world. No matter how elite life may seem, an unstable foundation will surely lead to a ruinous collapse. Everything could end in a split second, and then it all comes down to who will be there to console you when every legitimate relationship was damaged on the climb to the top.

With socially exclusive organizations across the nation such as sororities and fraternities, it becomes even more difficult to determine who’s truly dedicated to you in the long run. Do not miss understand me, Greek Life does have its perks and can be an imperative positive aspect in a person’s life, but one has to wonder what friendships would have actually formed naturally. Unnatural friendships are about as valuable as the latest celebrity gossip magazine subjects, fun for only a limited amount of time before you are lost and confused.

Be willing

Do not be afraid to tear back the layers of someone and make a project out of really getting to know them. Never judge a book by its cover; the content inside may be too valuable to pass up.

Don’t feel obligated to follow the crowd

Make your own decisions based on your personal experiences and beliefs because you might find a mutual yet unique characteristic in someone you least expected.

Stop being so self-centered

Life is all about compromises. Believe it or not, the more you are willing to give up, the greater the reward will be in what you receive. All someone needs is a sign you are willing to meet them halfway.


Everyone deserves one, some may require more than one. Without trial and error you are sure to get nowhere. Without a doubt there will be those who disappoint you, but the knowledge you discover on the way will be worth it.

Never lose who you are

It is a rough world out there and at times you might feel lost and alone, but there are people out there who will appreciate every quirk or distinctive characteristic about you and embrace it.

Life is a learning process in which you never truly leave the student role

Every experience builds character and will help shape who you are today. Many will join you in your ride to self-realization, and many more will not make the cut. Be true to yourself and you will find the truth in others.

Popularity won't ever really count

Coming from contrary ends of the social spectrum through the various years of high school and college, in the end none of the fame will matter. You are as easily forgotten as the next runner up for their fifteen minutes of fame. It is those who were with you at your bottom who deserve a seat on your journey to the top.

Fighting for it

It is the one who lies beside you while you cry over a lost one, the one who spends those extra minutes with you over an intricate exam, or simply the one who understands the value of his or her assistance and compassion in your life. That is whose opinion you should value most sincerely. Those are the ones worth fighting for.

Michael Kaye | Elite.