Why You Shouldn't Let Fall Be Your Downfall

Look, I know that usually that the fall brings on those extra few pounds, and every time we single people look at couples we want to puke out of disgust for all of the “love” they claim to be in.

We know that after Christmas she’s totally dumping him and after that New Years resolution he’s cleaning out his closet and she’s not part of his new beginnings. Although we know this, we still feel lonely and depressed when we don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with, or if we don’t have anyone to cuddle with on a cold day.

Though you are single now, this is not an omen that you are going to be single the rest of your life. We are young, and honestly as far as we know, we only have one life to live. One life is enough if we live it right.

If you live in a place where there’s snow create snow angels. Make the most out of the cold weather and have fun. Hang out with friends who you haven’t seen in months.

Create art, love, and happiness. Discover a new side of you that you were missing and didn’t even know about. I know none of us are motivated to work out in the cold, but joining the gym might even be the place that you meet your future girlfriend/boyfriend.

Love doesn’t just happen once; it can happen as many times as we are open to receiving it. Right now my heart is closed half way. This means that while I’m not completely closed off to love, I’m devoting most of my time and energy trying to become the most successful person I can be.

This transformation started by first rediscovering myself. First, I tried to discover what I truly love doing and what I am passionate about. Then, I made sure to just live life as free as I can.

I’ve suffered from depression throughout most of my life, everyday is a struggle, and not everyday is filled with rainbows. Sometimes there are gray skies, but I refuse to let sadness take over. I know I’m better than that and that we all are. There’s a kernel deep down inside that still hasn’t given up, ready to be popped into something great!

Even though your ex has moved on and most of your friends are coupled up, they may not always be. Instead of making the fall and winter seasons the time when you give up and hibernate, make it the time of your life.

Snowboard, fly to someplace new, it’s cheaper to travel in the winter and there are tons of places in America that even Anthony Bourdain hasn't been to, so go there and explore! All I'm saying is that the world will keep rotating with or without you participating, so it’s up to you to either sit and moan as you grow a day older, or get out and try to be happy with or with out someone to cuddle with.

Hey! Put that cake down, and get out of your bed!

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It