The Differences Between Summer And Winter In New York

by Gigi Engle

There are upsides and downsides (fine, mostly downsides) to both winter and summer in The Big Apple.

Spring and fall are times of limbo; they aren't too extreme and represent the narrow window of time that makes our city lives much more pleasant and convenient.

From being able to indulge in long spring walks to crisp fall days, these seasons are the times of the year when it's easy to fall in love with NYC.

But, I digress. Winter and summer are completely different breeds of calendar and both make the city nearly unbearable in their own special ways.

In fact, summer and winter are probably to blame for our so-called “grumpy New York attitudes.”

I, for one, am constantly cursing the sky in the winter, knee deep in slush, screaming, “WHY ISN'T IT SUMMER?!” and conversely, as the sweat collects at the top of my shorts and then trickles down my butt crack on the N train, I find myself thinking, “HOLY SH*T! I'D GIVE ANYTHING FOR WINTER!”

Anyway, you may be wondering what the big differences are in the summer versus the winter in New York — and even if you weren't, read on because there are GIFs.


Black Ice

Do you like to walk on what you think is solid pavement, only to fall flat on your butt? Yeah, it's not pleasant. Black ice is a serious issue.

Dirty Water Puddles At Every Corner

Nothing beats having shoes full of disgusting, blackened city water... and probably urine, too.

Freezing Temperatures During Commutes And Ice-Cold Rain Outside

Again, wet.

Snow Walks

The snow in the city is not some fun, cheery, holiday thing. It is disgusting, dirty and literally everywhere. Also, I just can't get enough of those salty sidewalks ruining my brand new boots! So chic!

Leaky Snow Boots

Snow boots are such a joke. They do NOT keep your feet nestled in a dry respite, as the guy at the store promised they would.

In a city where you're mostly walking around, your shoes will wear down and leave your feet open to those frigid puddles.

Christmas Lights

Okay, I love Christmas lights. This is one of the nice things about winter in the city.

Walking around the brightly-lit streets with beautiful bulbs dangling from the tree branches truly is a picture-perfect winter wonderland.

Your Significant Other, Netflix

Going out is hell when it's cold and snowy outside. Start lining up your binge-watching queue because it is all you will do for the next four months.

Seamless Is Your Salvation

God bless Seamless. It brings your food right to your door with a click of a button. No need to put on your snow gear! Just sit back and relax.

Ice Skating At Rockefeller Center: A Terrible Idea, Dressed Up As A Good One

Tourists. Lines. Tourists.

Beautiful, Snowy City

...until the next day, when the snow transforms to piles of black filth, urine and other bodily fluids.


Hot Garbage Smell

Ah, it smells like home.

Flaming Steam

It comes out of inexplicable places! WHERE IS ALL THIS STEAM COMING FROM?


Both men and women can appreciate sundresses. No need for muss or fuss in the morning. You don't even need underwear! (I mean, what?)

Socializing Outdoors And Vitamin D

Bring on the drinks and bring on the boys. Thanks.

Sticky, Sweaty, Angry

The sidewalks feel like they're literally melting. Walking around while trapped by a zillion buildings is like being inside a free sauna of death.

The Only Breeze Is Subway Wind

It's about the little things, I guess.

Rooftop Parties

Again, bring on the drinks and bring on the boys. Nothing beats those amazing summer nights that make us feel alive and romantic and cliché.

Outdoor Brunches

They simultaneously get us drunk, dehydrated and sweaty — how magical, right? And, there's nothing you can do about it except go home and pass out.

Weekend Trips

In the summer, you develop a newfound (well, annual, I guess) appreciation for your friends with summer homes. Hamptons, anyone?

Tourists Who Mistake The Sidewalk For A Parking Lot For Their Slow-Moving Bodies

Oh. My. God. Just get out of my way! Oh, you have a stroller? I do not care.

Always Having Visitors Who Only Want To Do Awful Touristy Sh*t

Ugh, the Statue of Liberty, AGAIN. Great. Can't wait.

Seeing A Bodega Guy On The Sidewalk, Feet Submerged In Ice Buckets

He's just living his life.

Central Park Picnics

Give me a picnic basket, a blanket and some wine, and I am there.

Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock