The Difference Between Hippies And Free Spirits

by Yakira Cohen

I want to feel as peaceful as flowers.

I want to move as freely as the wind. I want to see the world through the eyes of every person and creature I come across.

Some people say these yearnings classify me as a hippie, but I am not. I am simply a free spirit living in my playground that is Earth.

Although the two concepts seem quite similar, they are very different.

Free spirits are unique individuals who live their lives according to their own beliefs and dreams.

They don’t conform to society’s interpretation of life and they certainly do not attempt to meet the expectations of others.

Hippies are typically completely anti-conformist, pro-marijuana, advocates for animals and the environment, and live as simply as possible to maintain their values of peace, love and happiness.

Alright, they still sound pretty similar. Here’s the main difference: free spirits are born, hippies are created.

Every individual is born completely unique. Those who were born free spirits have the wildest imaginations, create masterpieces in every task they commit to and have a lust to see the world and spend their lives having experiences rather than objects.

Being free is about being unrestricted from what people expect of you. It’s not that these free beings woke up one morning and decided to be this way; it’s just how they were created.

These are the people who will not only tell incredible stories around campfires, but they will bring the people around that fire with them on their next journeys.

They do not discriminate, they do not limit themselves and they devote their lives to growth.

Hippies, on the other hand, are created over time. Being a hippie is a lifestyle that develops based on environment, mentality and experiences.

They may possess the qualities of a free spirit, but then again, they may not.

To put it plainly, free spirits are not hippies, but hippies may seem to possess the qualities of free spirits. Why?

Because defining yourself as a hippie means there are expectations, and you may wake up tomorrow wanting to do something different.

You don't want to commit to one specific title for the rest of your life.

But, you can really find these free spirits wherever you look.

They are the people you see embracing the rain; they are the wanderers who have their trips planned to other countries; they are the romantics who have their noses stuck in books; and they are the souls who seem to truly love every aspect of life.

This spirit radiates positivity, beams with joy and lives life as a reflection of their imaginations.

You cannot retain them; you cannot crush their dreams.

They are an unstoppable force whose existence just seems to make the world a better place.

Quite honestly, no one will ever be able to truly outline every characteristic that makes up a free spirit.

The free spirits of this world never attempt to be something in particular; they simply exist.

They exist to seize every day as a new opportunity. They exist to make a difference. They exist to be fearless.

They cannot be compared to anything. Their hearts are their only guides.

If something comes up that restricts their freedom, they will be unable to function properly until they are again free to roam life as they please.

People may not always understand that free spirits and hippies are not one in the same, but that’s perfectly okay.

These souls do not seek to be understood; they exist to be brave and wild at heart.