I Only Surround Myself With Crazy People; They're Just More Interesting

by Zara Barrie

Have you ever seen the epic movie "Almost Famous"? (If you haven't, you simply MUST, for it will absolutely change and inform the rest of your life.)

You know that scene when the wonderfully iconic Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) is discussing her magnetism toward famous people with the young rock journalist William Miller?

He innocently asks her, "Don't you have any regular friends?" To which our heroine Penny Lane wisely replies with this notorious quip:

Famous people are just more interesting.

I can completely relate to Penny Lane's response, except I'm not exactly drawn to exclusively famous people. I'm drawn to crazy people (though "famous" and "crazy" are often intertwined).

I can't help it. Crazy people are just more interesting.

Now, allow me to take a brief moment to define "crazy." My definition of crazy is never to be muddled with the following toxic behaviors: destructive, vicious, mean, bitchy, evil, selfish or dangerous.

I'm talking about good crazy. The wild individual who thinks for him or herself and doesn't conform to societal pressures.

That being said, if you're crazy and teeming with an uncontainable VIGOR for life, full of irrepressible lust and stocked with wildly magnetic energy -- chances are I will fall madly into explicit, unabashed LOVE with you, as a friend or a partner.

I just love crazy people; that's my f*cking problem.

So what's all that about? What is this mystical draw I seem to have toward the utterly insane and wonderfully reckless? I suppose it's because...

Crazy people aren't afraid to feel

Crazy people aren't afraid of feelings, even the bad ones sane people will take drastic measures to run away from.

Crazy people are privy to this simple little secret of our great universe: All feelings are valid. Any mood that strikes you, positive or negative, should be not only acknowledged but fiercely welcomed.

When you're graced by the presence of fabulously crazy, effervescent people -- you can't help but notice they're forever teeming with rich emotions.

They aren't numb to the beauty and the atrocities of the world like the majority of the disengaged population.

A crazy person will either be laughing louder than you ever thought possible OR crying tears of heartbreak into the corner.

Nothing is half-assed. Crazy people fearlessly commit to feeling the entire spectrum of feels.

What I so greatly love about the depth of feeling from my crazy friends is this: They fuel me with the desire to feel to my fullest capacity.

The crazies in my life have taught me the precious lesson that life is only worth living when you allow yourself to feel all of it.

That merely sifting through life bleakly numb is to be dead inside. That life is far too short and far too awesome to just exist. That our emotions are the driving force of creativity, love and adventure.

Crazy people see the truth

I'm convinced half of the reason society writes brilliant people off as "crazy" is because the so-called "crazy" people can see past the haze of bullsh*t and delve into the truth with a profound clarity.

If you're overcome with an inexplicable bad feeling about someone you've just met, but you're unsure if it's just you being paranoid, put that person of question in front of your craziest friend.

Your crazy friend will get an accurate read on the person in question in under 30 seconds.

Crazy entities are hypersensitive to the energy that surrounds them. They exist on a different plane; they are keyed into other people's agendas and never intellectualize themselves out of their instincts.

This is why inherently bad people don't like crazy people. Bad people know they can't get away with bad sh*t around crazy people, and they don't like it.

Crazy people are magnetic

Crazy people are so furiously fascinating because they're different. You will never meet two crazy people who are exactly the same -- it just doesn't f*cking happen.

Crazy people are not carbon copies of anyone else. The roots of their acute magnetism are rooted in the fact that they're intriguingly unique.

The world is sour and stale without their sparkle.

Crazy people are moved by things

Crazy people aren't numb. They don't mechanically go through the motions, for they are moved by life.

If crazy people see a homeless person at his or her wits' end on the mean city street, they will be inclined to help him or her.

If their eyes bear witness to a girl being treated cruelly by man at a busy bar -- they'll be the ones coming to her rescue.

They don't hesitate to cry in movies, even in parts that don't strike the rest of the world as sad. They are present, and when people are truly of the moment, they can't help but feel things on a deep level.

Experiment on a rainy day: Go to an art gallery with a crazy person, and then, go to that same gallery with a "normie" and tell me which experience is more moving and memorable.

Crazy people are hotter

Crazy people are undeniably sexy. Those of us who have had a crazy lover at ONE point in our existence understand it's an experience for the f*cking books.

Whether the relationship ended on a good or bad note is irrelevant to this life truth: The sex was mind-blowing.

Crazy people aren't afraid to take control in the bedroom. They're not afraid to experiment with all those deliciously freaky things the rest of the world wants to try but is afraid to.

Role-play, BDSM, threesomes, whatever tickles your fancy, babe. A crazy person won't look at you like you're CRAZY for being curious about entering these subversive (yet HOT) underworlds.

Crazy people attract attention

You will never, ever, ever go under the radar when you're in the glorious company of a crazy person. Because a crazy person's insane energy is so palpable and hangs so heavily in the air, he or she never goes unnoticed.

The masses want a bit of crazy present at every party, societal event, trendy bar, and hard-to-get-into nightclub.

If you're lucky enough to be friends with a crazy person, you will get the best invites to the coolest sh*t just by association.

Crazy people fall in love hard and fast

Not everyone gets to experience the ultimate privilege of experiencing crazy love (again "good crazy" NOT "toxic crazy"), but it's f*cking amazing.

When a crazy person falls in love with you, he or she does so quickly and with a reckless abandon. You’ll be taken on a thrilling joyride of unfiltered love with no holding back.

It's the most intoxicating love you will ever experience because crazy people love with the entirety of their massively crazy hearts. They will make love to your whole body in the most passionately intense way.

It will ruin "regular sex" forever. For once you press your precious pout against a crazy body, you can never be satisfied by the dismal taste of normal again.

Crazy people are inspiring

Crazy people lead such beautifully colorful lives. They are bold and creative forces of nature who are blazingly honest and real. They live harder, faster and bigger than the rest.

They have the incredible wherewithal to practice refusal. They refuse to conform to societal standards.

They refuse to tell you whatever the f*ck you want to hear. They refuse to take the easy way out.

Their expressive originality inspires us to be ourselves. To speak our glorious minds. To not simply sift through the days medicated and numb -- but to embrace our quirks and live out the amazing lives most people only get to read about in books.