Confessions From A VIP Bottle Server: Lessons I Learned From The Hospitality Business

by Danni Renee

After I realized that bigger hair, higher stilettos, a tan and a few extra squats could directly increase my monthly income, I was soon able to pay my rent in full after a mere five-hour work shift.

Unlike a $12 an hour day job, where expenses are delegated from bi-weekly paychecks, making $60 an hour as a cocktail waitress means easily cashing out just by being young and fly.

Although the cash comes quick (and easily), this lifestyle comprised of money, sex appeal and alcohol actually revealed some pretty great life lessons that I probably wouldn't have gathered anywhere else.

First, here's what the job involves:

Responsibilities: Maintain your physique, be social, host a party and walk in stilettos with a smile. 

Uniform: If one isn't provided, it's best to peruse the "freakum dress" section and pile on dramatic accessories that you won't really be able to wear anywhere else

Duties: Don't spill the cocktails; hold the bottle service sparklers as high as possible and always smile.

Fulfill all of the above, and on Saturday at about 3:30 am, walk safely to your car with $400- plus cash in your wallet.

Now that you know what the job is about, here are the lessons I've learned from all of the lights, glamour, makeup, seduction and cash flow:

Beauty may be dangerous, but when paired with intelligence, it's lethal.

While it can be great to be hot and earn enough money for bills and the latest designer bags, how good is that bag if the greatest attribute of the girl wearing it is the size of her silicone implants?

Whatever your priorities are, always stay ambitious. Girls are hotter if they have the whole package, and in a world where sex appeal drives businesses and lifestyles, never forget that looks aren't everything.

At the end of the day, makeup is washed, we go back to our real height without the stilettos and we release our real bodies after removing the Spanx.

Remember, we are beautiful for the way we think, the ability to smile when we might be sad, the ideas we have, the hearts we touch and the differences we make. Being beautiful resonates in the soul; always have something more than physical beauty going for you.

Do everything with pride.

Remember, it's okay to reject the tip from the demanding customer who threw it at you; never sell yourself short. This also applies to knowing when to leave an unhealthy relationship, declining a job offer that doesn't promote your dreams, etc. Decide what you want to be worth and live accordingly.

As Lil Wayne once said, "Pussy is power." Women have the power to seduce, sell and get our way, and we often showcase what we're about through our attire.

It's always a good rule to remember that if you show off one asset, cover up the rest. If you go to a party and show off your legs, cover up your cleavage and everything else. It's an indication that we are sexy creatures, but our goodies do not come easily.

Know thy frenemies.

This comes from the part of the industry that revolves around cash handling, alcohol and egos. There's a thin line between friend and foe, and some people will just act like they are trying to help you. Watch out for yourself; learn how to detect dishonesty and let karma handle the rest.

Maintain your physique.

Make sure you stay healthy, and more importantly, stay grounded. If you have other things to do while everyone around you is out drinking, partying, earning and spending, stay true to your priorities and go home when you need to.

Life as a VIP cocktail server is fast-paced and comes with various rewards. Regardless of how active your night life is, take this inside scoop, always strive to be better and don't forget to tip your server.

Photo credit: Kirill Was Here