Confessions Of A Former Fat Girl: 6 Things I Learned After Losing Over 100 Pounds

by Sierra Paige Dennis

It's safe to say that if you have ever been really fat, losing weight is your only desire in life. There's not much else on your mind except getting skinny. For years, I never thought I'd be anything but the pretty, big girl.

People used to tell me, "OMG, who cares if you're fat? Your face is beautiful!" Umm, who cares if I'm fat? All the cute guys, the kids staring at me and my parents, who didn't want to take me places, cared.

I finally buckled down and got skinny. I went from size 20 to size 9, and it feels pretty awesome.

On top of that, my face is actually really pretty -- from what I'm told, anyway -- and my body slimmed down to that of a Kim Kardashian shape (small waist, big butt). My boobs didn't quite make it, but that's nothing a (boob) job after college graduation won't fix.

What did being the former "fat girl" teach me?

1) Shallow people are terrible.

Even after losing 100-plus pounds, I'm not a shallow girl. I guess being bigger humbled me. I had to have an exceptional personality my whole life to outshine my skinny and pretty friends, so I in no way ever felt better than anyone after I became a smaller size.

2) That guy you wanted will be irrelevant once he wants you.

All I wanted was for this certain guy to want me. He was just my friend, but I know he felt something more for me. He couldn't act on it because he couldn't date the "big girl," so he never got to experience my awesomeness.

Well, well, well... once I got my ass right and tight, he came around, and guess what? I didn't even want him anymore. Why? Hey, dude, I was the same person at 250-plus pounds. Geez. 

3) You will see who really loves you for you.

My true friends were so supportive during my weight loss. They left me alone to do what I had to do and were so proud of my accomplishments after.

It showed me who truly cared about me going MIA for six months and getting my first 100 pounds off. A few friends even worked out with me. They loved me big or small, and went out to the club with me skinny or huge. I love them way more than they will ever know. 

4) I am deserving of a little credit sometimes.

I wasn't one of those people who documented my weight loss, so once I did my big reveal, people were so amazed, I couldn't stop posting pictures.

One day, as I was running, I stopped cold in my tracks; sweat was dripping down my face and I just cried. I had just finished two miles straight and it was a huge turning point of how much I had accomplished.

5) You don't have to stay with the person you were with pre-weightloss.

Sorry, dude, just because you wanted to bone me consistently when I was big doesn't mean I have to stay with you. "Who was there for you before you were 169 pounds? No one wanted you."

Yeah, but they do now, and you're an ass for saying that. Goodbye. He or she may have been there for you, but was it for good reasons? Sometimes people can't handle a big change and they downplay your success; that's when you know it is time to leave.

6) Remember how it felt when you were the big girl.

Sometimes I completely forget how it felt to be that big. I get looked at for other reasons now, rather than for being fat. When I feel my new body getting to my head, I remember how depressed, sad and terrible I used to feel.

I thank God daily for the strength he gave me to lose 120 pounds all on my own. I changed my life; I'll never forget that, either.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr