Go Hard Or Go Home: Why Comfort Is What You Should Fear Most In LIfe

by Annette Szproch

Fear is absolutely a large influencer in our lives. When you ask people what their biggest fear is, some common responses are being alone, failure and/or death.

From that list, nothing truly scars me as much as comfort does. Most people strive to create a comfortable, secure lifestyle, but with that can come a loss of exploring and doing new things.

Once you get comfortable in your routine, it is hard to shy away from that schedule.

Sure, it is nice to wake up every day and know your day will be just like the one before. Before you know it, it becomes a routine you find yourself being stuck in for years.

There is more to this life than going through the motions; fulfillment and beauty are essential to truly being alive. Every day is a gift, and as clichéd as that is, seeing each day as anything else is an absolute waste of it.

Don’t get me wrong; routines are good to have in our lives. They provide a structure that is beneficial to us, but when that structure brings about a lack of joy, you should think about changing something.

These changes don’t have to be as dramatic as dropping it all and traveling (which is never a bad idea), but can be as simple as taking a different route during your commute.

Small simple adjustments can make just as much of an impact on your life. Try new hobbies, cook new recipes spice things up with your lover — anything to break away from the comfort.

You never know where trying something new can spark a new passion, or it might not, but at least you’ll have tried.

I’ve witnessed people so comfortable in their daily lives that they remain stagnant in unhappy relationships, stuck in career paths that waste their talents and overall unhappy because of this blanket of comfort they embody.

They are so scared of the unknown that they'd rather live in a façade of happiness and comfort.

That, to me, is just as scary as death, since you aren’t truly living anyway. I vow to make my life full of love, beauty, adventure and discomfort.

I want to explore all aspects of life. I want to travel to all corners of the world, but also have a sense of home to return to. But, I can't do all of this without dealing with the natural discomfort of changing.

Traveling isn’t the only way to break the comfort but it’s a great way to go if you are truly stuck. Pack up and go because you never know what beauty and possibilities can come from it.

Of course, it’s scary to leave it all behind, but I think it would even scarier to be at your 50th birthday, blowing out your candles, realizing you have wasted years of your life because of this conformity society suggests.

That’s why so many people go through mid-life crises and start going mad, realizing they've barely followed their dreams and have done everything by the books.

Wake up each morning with gratitude, feeling each day is how you want to live your life because that is what life is all about.

Take comfort and kick it out the window; start living your life on your own terms.

As scary as it may be at the moment, it’ll ease your mind to think of how happy future you would be to know you took a leap of faith.

Everything works out if you stop trying to control your life and just let it happen.