Class of 2014: This Is How To Finish Off Your Final Semester The Right Way

For all of my fellow 2014 graduates, I hope we are all in agreement that the past four years have been an amazing ride — the memories and experiences we have had during college will stay with us for the rest of our lives. But, it isn't over just yet; we still have one more semester to leave our marks on the campuses of higher education.

It’s important to remember that this time marks our final chances to create the stories we’ll tell years down the line. Take these tips into consideration to wrap up college in a way that’ll leave you proud:

1. Accept the fact you're going to graduate.

Sure, you'll leave behind the most carefree part of your life, but remember that there are millions of people around the world who don’t have the opportunity at all. Be appreciative for all of the good fortune with which you’ve been blessed.

Be sure to prepare for post-graduate life as well. Send out job applications and have some kind of plan. Leaving college isn't so terrible after identifying a well-thought plan for your future.

2. Accept the fact that you're going to spend all of your money.

You’re probably used to spending all of your money on your hedonist lifestyle, so there’s no point in stopping now. You have the rest of your life to make money, and in 20 years, you'd probably rather have memories than an extra few thousand dollars.

3. Stop spending nights alone unnecessarily.

It's your last semester and there will always be something to do. Unless you're deathly ill, you shouldn't be wasting time watching Netflix in your bed.

4. Throw your own party.

If there isn't anything happening on a given night, make your own party. Being the host is especially enjoyable because you know you're helping other people have a good time.

5. Do your school's dumb challenges.

Many schools have some kind of campus-specific drinking challenge. You've heard of it since freshman year, yet never tried it, so now’s the time; make it your pregame one night and check it off your college bucket list.

6. Go on spring break.

Spring break is a rite of passage for students all over the United States, and if you haven't gone, senior year is the time. Look for something all-inclusive and enjoy boozing on beaches far from home.

7. Take a road trip.

Drive somewhere with your friends for a weekend; it doesn't matter where. It's fun to get in the car and go somewhere; some of my craziest memories have resulted from these spontaneous trips.

8. Visit another college.

If you haven't visited another college yet, you really must. Partying in a new place is a breath of fresh air and allows you to see what your friends may have been doing for the past three and a half years.

9. Try whatever it is you want to try but haven't.

Just do it now — whatever it is. It's your last get-out-of-judgment-free card.

10. Cook dinner with friends.

Making dinner with a group of your friends is a great excuse to drink a bottle of wine — or three. This can also be a great way to impress your company.

11. Ask your crush out on a date.

Though this sounds painfully clichéd, it’s necessary. Maybe it’s too late in your college career for anything serious to happen, but good conversations with someone new is still worth it.

12. Reminisce about all you've accomplished.

Get your friends together and talk about all of the awesome things you've done together. Record the memories so you can appreciate them in years to come.

13. Plan to keep in touch.

Plan to keep in touch with the great people you've met — then follow through.

14. Thank the professors who've helped you.

Your teachers love helping people learn and it will mean so much to them if you communicate that you are grateful.

15. Thank your family.

The most important people in your life are your family members. Without them, you probably wouldn’t be where you are today. Thank them for helping you. Give your parents a gift at your graduation — even if it is just a handwritten note — because your special day is an accomplishment for them as well.

16. Share this with your friends.

Every person can use a pep talk; rally your troops for the best semester yet.

17. Crush your final days as a college student.

Make us all proud, Class of 2014.

Rob Law - @byRobLaw

Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock