Choose Who You Trust Wisely


Trust is an essential part of any relationship. Whether it’s a friendship, business partnership, or a romantic relationship, having faith in that person or group is critical to its success. However, more often than not, we trust too much and become blind to the reality of the situation.

Each and every one of us has been lied to. At the end of the day, people make decisions based on what’s best for themselves and those they care about. People prioritize their friends and unless you’re relatively high on the totem pole you could fall at the wayside at any given time.

You can’t blame them for this because then you would be a hypocrite. Everyone is selfish at some point in their lives and everyone prioritizes the people who surround them.

If being given an opportunity by someone hasn’t happened yet, it’s okay. The people in front of you have probably had more time to prove themselves and their trustworthiness.

If you trust yourself and know your potential, do all you can to prove it to those around you. Never break your promises and stay true to your word and you will build up your worth in other people's eyes.

Honesty is the best policy. Always be honest with people, even if it may hurt them. The truth will come out in the end anyway, so why lie about it now? Time is a precious commodity, and lying wastes time.

Every successful person knows that they couldn’t have gotten where they are today without the help and support of a select few important people.

No one is born into greatness and the journey to achieving success is a long and tiring one. That’s why only those who are truly worthy of its rewards prevail in the end.

Successful people built strong alliances along their journey to the top but kept them only as acquaintances. Once you become successful and powerful, you become a target.  Have a small circle for the ones you trust because you never know when someone is going to try and take advantage of you.

Don’t give people your full trust right away, let them earn it instead.  People will try to use you for what you have or what you can offer them and once they get where they want to be, the help you provided them on their journey will be forgotten.

You can’t afford to let people trample you. Stay ahead of the pack and always be one move ahead. This is not to say you should be paranoid about your trust and give it to no one, but just prepare yourself and choose who you trust wisely.

In the end, you can only trust yourself.  We are all intent only on our own gain. Always trust your decisions and yourself. If you don’t have trust in yourself, you won’t be successful. Believe in yourself and your decisions no matter how unpopular they may seem.

You will make mistakes along your journey, but learn from them and don’t waste your time dwelling on an alternative outcome. Excellence comes to those who persevere through failure. Trust yourself despite the mistakes you may make because this is the type of strength that earns life's greatest rewards.

James Simkin | Elite.