What Your Alcoholic Beverage Says About You

by Evelyn Pelczar

I think we can all agree that drinking is one of our favorite hobbies and extracurricular activities. Over the years we have derived games and certain social settings to make the activity more fun and exciting, but haven't you ever wondered who the face is behind the drink?

Why is that person really drinking exactly what's in their cup and what does it say about them? If you're like me and that was on your mind, here are my interpretations of what that liquid courage really says about a person.


This is your manly man, or girl who really claims she is a "bro." You know how they say people who drive nice cars or have flashy things are compensating for something? The beer says it all. Unless this is an exotic imported beer, you're really just trying to prove how manly you are by drinking it.

For a girl it's about how much of a guy you really can be, which some guys really like when they're looking for a girl who doesn't fit the typical demure stereotype.


If you're with a person taking shots, they're probably the adventurous leaders of the group out. Shots typically will have the biggest effect on your BAC and will probably lead to the craziest nights. I don't want to knock all girls who do shots, sometimes I indulge myself, but typically a girl doing shots is going to get very loud and very sloppy.

A guy taking shots is probably drinking them for his liquid courage. He sees a girl who is clearly out of his league across the bar and starts downing them. Rejection doesn't hurt as much if you don't remember it.


I don't know many women who drink scotch, so when it comes to this drink I will only speak of men. When I think of Scotch I think of a man with money. In movies and TV shows, we always see businessmen or handsome socialites enjoying a glass of this gold liquid with their friends in swanky penthouses or clean CEO offices.

If I see a man at a bar ordering scotch, I'm going to assume he has money and is probably older. I mean seriously, what college student is at a bar ordering Scotch? None I know.


This drink is my personal favorite. Any man drinking wine is my kind of guy. It takes a refined pallet to really enjoy this beverage and says a lot about the person drinking it. A man or a woman who knows how to properly pair wine with food has talent and tons of finesse.

They have a certain sexy and sophisticated way about them. I always also associated wine with someone who is a little mysterious and dark. Any of you who read "50 Shades of Grey" get where I'm going with this, but wine is definitely a little bit of a romantic aphrodisiac. The wine drinker is sexy, mysterious, tasteful and pure class.


A Cosmo is the girliest-girl of all the drinks. With its pinkish color and sweet flavor, this drink is for someone trying to look chic, pretty and upscale in a bar that's probably exactly the opposite. I have nothing against Cosmo drinkers; as a matter of fact, I drank them all the time when I was 17 at family weddings, but Cosmo drinkers I don't know who you are trying to fool. You are not better than anyone else because of your upscale glass and pretty colored drink.

This is not "Sex and the City." The only time I actually approve of drinking these pink frou-frou drinks is on a girls' night out. Men drinking Cosmos is a whole different story that I am unsure of. If you're a man that likes Cosmos, please contact me so I can analyze your personality and decide what a Cosmo actually says about you. I'm sick of hearing this drink determines your sexual orientation.


A Martini is classic. I always picture a girl next-door type drinking this or the polar opposite, a James Bond, sleek suit kind of guy. There are so many different kinds of Martinis you can get now that I can't pin a certain kind of person on this one. The more exotic flavors like Pomegranate or Watermelon show off the adventurous, daring personalities, who are trying new things.

The classic dirty Martini or Apple Martini, show the chic, simpleton found in a big city. In a place like New York a Martini is definitely a top choice for the natives after a long day of work. It's simple, it's classic and it is sure to give you that buzz after a long week.

Is this article 100% accurate? Can I actually tell you what a drink says about someone? No, but it definitely gives you something to think about. Next time you're at a bar or party, you will definitely think about going up to talk to someone based on what they're drinking. Try it just for fun.

Sara | Elite.