Why Being Called 'Intimidating' Is The Greatest Compliment You'll Ever Receive

by Rosey Baker
Lauren Naefe

Being called good-looking, talented, friendly, funny or classy is great.

But more often than not, you find yourself on the receiving end of a different kind of compliment: the old "you're so intimidating" line.

Being called intimidating feels like a sneaky diss that somehow makes you swell with pride.

Why? Because being called intimidating is actually the greatest compliment you'll ever receive.

It means many things, but no matter the source, being an intimidating person implies the following:

You're not easily impressed.

Why should you be?

When was the last time someone said something that really blew your fucking mind, anyway? You're not going to walk around giggling at nonsense.

Most of the people you meet like you or at least seem interested because you have made yourself an interesting person.

You have cultivated — over time — a personality that draws people in like a good story at The Moth.

When you ARE impressed, you know how to show it. People see that, and it becomes instantly clear how little you give a shit about them in comparison.

You're unapproachable.

You're unapproachable. But that's not on you.

You're unapproachable because most people are dramatically unremarkable, and you don't want to waste time getting caught in conversations with people who trap you with long stories and laugh at their own jokes.

I don't work for the Census Bureau, but these awful people make up 89 percent of the human population.

You don't sweat the shit you can't control.

There are few things more true in life than this: You become glued to what you hate, simply by hating it.

Hate and resentment are a cycle that don't end, but you know better. You don't allow the people, places or things you can't control in life to ruin you.

You are a human being, you feel feelings and you allow yourself the freedom to experience them without trying to hide them.

This openness may frighten people. It may challenge their own ideas about what they were taught was "the proper way to behave."

But you know behaving is for squares and you, my friend, are a circle. You're a bright and beautiful orb of majesty and light.

You exude pure, super-human power.

Intimidating people are something of an anomaly, in that they are literally real-life X-Men.

Sure, you put your pants on every day one leg at a time, but there is something about you that just exudes mystery and inspires fear.

When you walk into a room, you give off a vibe that people instantly respond to, like you're just breezing through while your private jet waits outside.

You are Mr. Christian Grey, and the world is your sub.

Much like the X-Men (and Christian Grey,) you need to use your power for good.

Be aware of your impact and know your own strength. Otherwise, you can turn from Christian Grey to Lenny from "Of Mice And Men," and shit will go downhill real quick.

 People want to be your friend.

Although most of them underwhelm you, people want to be your friend.

And this is a good thing because being unapproachable can lead to a lonely life, and a lot of people who are described as intimidating are unaware of the vibe they give off.

In spite of the fact that you most likely enjoy your own company, you might also find yourself feeling like you actually repel friendships.

It's important for you to know that if you want to actually be friends with someone, you may have to make the first move.