He Misses You Too: 31 Reasons Why You Should Call Your Dad Every Day

When you’re in your 20s, it’s easy to get caught up in your own life. Of course, you’re going to be feeling yourself when you have this new, awesome job, a fabulous gaggle of friends and an apartment you’re finally paying for yourself.

Yet, you still call mom all the time to panic about every single, minute detail of your life.

She listens, she puts in her two cents and she loves it. Good for you, calling your mom.

The only thing is there is someone you’re forgetting, someone you definitely think is supremely crucial in your life: your dad.

When you were little, your dad was your entire world. He was your hero, your role model and he taught everything you know about men.

As you’ve gotten older, you’ve drifted away from that close relationship, forging new ones in your adult world.

It’s easy to forget how important it is to let your dad hear from you. You don’t want to bother him with your drama, right? You may have overlooked a few things.

Your dad tries to be so strong, but really he just wants love as much as anyone else. He feels like he has to be your rock, your foundation and have all the answers.

He doesn’t want to let you down by letting on that he has needs. He misses you. He loves you more than anything in the world, and he worries about you constantly.

After all, no matter how old, fabulous and accomplished you become, you will always be his baby.

Take a little time out of your day, pick up the phone and call dear old Dad. He may not ask you to, but he sure does want you to.

1. He wants to know what you’re doing, he just doesn’t know how to ask.

Your dad doesn’t want to bother you, but he’s definitely really curious about what his baby is up to.

2. He feels left out when you call Mom.

When you’re calling mom all the time, he’s bound to feel a little left out. He’s probably trying to inconspicuously listen in while nonchalantly "reading the paper."

3. He needs to be reminded how much you love him.

Dads need love too. He needs to hear it from you.

4. You need to talk to him about all the WWII documentaries he’s been watching on Netflix.

Dad, we need to talk because I’m getting worried about you. I can see what you're doing on the queue. You can't hide.

5. He needs to be reminded he’s still your hero.

And the #1 man in your life.

6. He helped make you.

He changed your dirty diapers, so the least you can do is call.

7. He worries about you more than anyone else.

He wants you to feel like a grownup, and he doesn’t want to invade your space, but he desperately wants to insert a GPS tracker under the skin on your shoulder.

8. He’ll always be better than any boyfriend.

He’ll remind you of the man you want in your life and that you should never settle for less.

9. You’re his baby girl.

You’ll always be his little sunshine.

10. He’s the only person you know who likes sports.

None of your friends are down to talk about how the Yankees did in their last game, but Dad always will be. He loves that sh*t. He gets so adorably amped!

11. He taught you everything you know.

He taught you how to ride a bike, so you should do him a solid and teach him about the cool things the kids are doing these days.

“No Dad, it’s 'on fleek’ not ‘on fleep’!”

12. He won’t be around forever.

This might be the hardest thing to face of all.

13. You need him to set you straight.

Your dad will always give you the best, realest advice. He doesn’t sugarcoat.

14. Sometimes Mom isn’t answering the phone.

Make sure to ask him how he is and tell him you love him before asking to speak to mom.

15. He makes you feel safe.

When you’re walking home late at night, Dad is the perfect person to have on the phone.

16. You desperately need business advice.

He always has the answers from smart investments to tax advice.

17. He will always pick up.

Dad would never let you go to voicemail.

18. He’ll listen to you rant about whatever you want to rant about.

That’s what dads are for, after all. He'll listen, even if he has no idea what you're talking about.

19. Sometimes you just need some extra money.

He’ll always say yes and have that wire transfer next day.

20. He thinks you’re the most perfect person in the world.

Who doesn’t want to hear about how wonderful he or she is? Definitely no complaints over here.

21. He’s genuinely always there to help you.

Dad is always going to help you solve your problems.

22. He’s going to love you forever, and that is rare.

There’s no love like parental love. It’s completely unconditional.

23.You need someone to talk about "House of Cards" with you.

Dad, did Francis almost kiss that dude in that one episode or nah?

24. You need him to explain a contract you’re about to sign.

What does “non-disclosure” mean?!?!

25. You'll always need directions.

Somehow, Dad can get you where you need to go, even when he’s never been there before.

26. He’ll tell you why that boy isn’t good enough for you.

It’s the hard truth you needed to hear, so you could muster the courage to dump that loser.

27. He’ll satisfy the need to call your parents, but won’t hold you up for too long.

Mom thinks “bye” is short for “by the way.”

28. He's the best person to talk about bullsh*t with.

Dad is the best for talking about nothing and everything all at once.

29. He’s straight-up hilarious.

Love that dad humor.

30. He’ll tell you which kind of whiskey you should be drinking.

He’s the expert on all things manly.

31. Because he’s your dad!

Dads FTW!