Read Between The Lines: What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You

by Dan Scotti

You can tell a lot about people by their particular set of preferences.

Take shoes, for instance. If you see someone walking right up to you with a pair of retro Jordans -- minted out, with the “Nike Air” on the back -- you know there’s probably more than a fair chance you’ve got a sports fan on your hands.

Likewise, if you see a lady off in the distance flaunting a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, it would be safe to infer she’s a woman who is into fashion.

In the same fashion, your choice of reading material can also allude to different characteristics about your personality.

Obviously, it is physically impossible to form any sort of concrete assessment about a person by his or her preferred genre of book (so please don’t expect any of the following evaluations to hold up in a court of law). I will say, however, I feel as though these are rather spot on.

Here’s what your favorite type of book says about you.

Science fiction

You spend the majority of your days reading science fiction novels, so you’ve probably always been a bit, well, different.

You never really had the urge to go to the park and play pick-up basketball with the rest of your friends.

You’d rather melt into the couch and watch a “Star Wars” marathon, perhaps joined by a bowl of (some limited flavor) Doritos.

You’ve also always had this love for conspiracy theories -- which explains the jar of loose change you have lying on your bedside table labeled “Roswell funds” -- and you understand with most matters of life, there’s only so much you can tell from the surface (especially from the window of a spaceship).


If you have any sort of affinity for romance novels, odds are you’re a bit of a hopeless romantic yourself.

You may have had your heart broken when you were younger and feel less alone in the company of (further) heartbreak, which you find in the privacy of your “quiet reading time.”

Your favorite actor is probably Jude Law, and your aux cord is always supplying something by Drake -- usually just Take Care on shuffle -- as he reminds you love is ALWAYS possible, even if you spend the majority of your nights spooning ice cream straight out of the tub.


You’re clearly one for trends and what’s currently “in” at the moment, and your choice of reading material reflects this.

As soon as a novel gets dubbed a “bestseller,” you’re usually all over it like a new variation of “green juice” at your local juice bar.

What can you say? You’re into quality. You know exactly what you’re signing up for when you open up a novel with the “bestseller” stamp on it, and that’s enough of a co-sign for your own approval. You may not be a risk taker, but hey, who needs to take risks when your satisfaction is almost guaranteed?

You may not be a risk taker, but hey, who needs to take risks when your satisfaction is almost guaranteed?


You’re a regular ol’ sleuth yourself, aren’t you?

Since you can remember, you’ve always had a knack for sniffing out crime.

Whenever the last cookie was taken from the jar, you could pinpoint the culprit from across the classroom – and whenever you suspected your girlfriend (or boyfriend) of cheating, you were usually right about that, too.

You’re naturally curious, so you like to read books that keep you guessing.

You also love reading waaaaaay too deep into things, and mystery novels provide you with the perfect platform to do so.


You have a bit of a... dark side... to say the least. I mean, you’re pretty much Dexter, except instead of having brief lapses where you tend to kill people, you have brief lapses where you enjoy reading about other people killing people. Which, yeah, might be equally as disturbing.

But you’re a peaceful person. Most of the time, anyway. You simply get a rush of adrenaline from reading horror stories you can't find from doing anything else in life. At least not yet.

Oh, God, please don’t get any ideas…


You love classic novels. Despite the fact that you read most of these novels for the first time during high school, there’s still this feeling of nostalgia you get every time you open an American classic – whether it be something penned by Ernest Hemingway or Mark Twain.

In your mind, classics are timeless -- like a Yankees hat or a bottle of old fashioned, sugared Coca-Cola -- and you love anything that can remain relevant and enjoyable throughout the test of time.


You enjoy making people laugh regardless of where you are, and in turn, you enjoy a good laugh on your end.

Therefore, whenever you immerse yourself in some quiet reading, you always make sure to opt for a humorous novel -- one that will sharpen your wit.

Back in the day, you were the class clown. Nowadays, you’re the “funny guy” at the office.

Throughout your life, it’s been hard to avoid playfulness, so there came a point when you stopped trying to and just embraced it.


Those who tend to go for books of non-fiction are usually about their business.

They’re not amused by most forms of humor; they’re uninterested in fantasy, and unless you’re spitting facts, they don’t want to hear about it.

Sure, you may have been called a “total bore” once or twice in your day, but you don’t mind.

You know you’re not a total bore – you’re just a realist. And, being the realist you are, you know (at times) you can be really f*cking boring.