Bow Down: 12 Signs You're Totally The Beyoncé Of Your Friend Group

by Chris Riotta

In your mind, your group of friends is an Empire, and you are its Queen.

When people walk past you on the street, they immediately start crying hysterically.

You constantly need to remind your Uber drivers to roll up the partition (please), but for some reason they never seem to listen. Don't you feel like an animal with all these cameras in your grill? Don't even get me started on the paparazzi. Ugh.

But hey, it's all just part of another day being one of the baddest bitches in the game, right?

If you are the Queen Bey out of your group of friends, you can certainly relate to the struggles I've listed, and even more.

As the Beyoncé of my friends, I'm sure to take center stage for any group photos, public appearances and (most importantly) during any of our choreo numbers.

You see, when you're Beyoncé, this is just another part of your daily responsibilities.

If you're a Kelly or Michelle, you couldn't possibly understand the weight we Beyoncés carry around on our shoulders.

Seriously, pretty hurts. What's worse, is that running the world can definitely get to your head. There may have been one or five times I've called close friends of mine my "fans," and then had to hear the brunt of it for months to come.

I promise I'm not conceited, or borderline sociopathic. I'm just being Bey. And, if you've ever seen any of the following signs or symptoms, you may just be the Beyoncé of your group of friends, too.

1. Your crew is literally the baddest in the game.

When you and your friends show up to the bar...

2. You have at least three outfit changes every single day.

Ugh, so many appearances today. Between brunch with your friends, a day out in the city AND dinner plans with your family, your day is packed and you know each event calls for its own unique style.

Not to worry, though: You've already scheduled each look the night before so that all you have to do is wake up like this.

3. You don't know what a bad hair day is.

Seriously, what does that even mean?

4. You and BAE are equally powerful leaders in your Kingdom.

The two of you look so flawless together, it's not even funny. Your hustles are perfectly in sync with each other's.

You both dominate in your group of friends, as well as your careers and overall life. You're planning on being one of the greatest power couples in history.

5. You casually find your way into the middle of every photo op.

Even if that means there isn't enough room for someone else. Whoops. They'll get in the next one! (There's never a next one.)

6. Your social media profiles are carefully strategized and curated.

Your fans and followers expect a level of content unparalleled to any other selfies they've ever seen before. And you plan on delivering.

The papz -- I mean, your friends -- receive a call from your personal line each time you're tagged in a photo that doesn't show off your greatest angles.

They don't understand what the big deal in one picture is, but for you, this is about establishing your personal brand.

Demand they take that down immediately and throw up the one you had selected (it doesn't matter that their eyes are closed).

You don't brag about it, but your like-to-minute ratio is always insane.

7. You may or may not be a member of the Illuminati.

People can't seem to imagine how anyone could possibly be as flawless as you without the help of a secret cult. That's fine though, let them talk.

We'll joke about it in a few years as we're brushing shoulders with the most powerful people in the world. Wait... maybe you are a member of the Illuminati. And that excites you.

8. You just can't deal with these basic bitches.

Your side eye game is too strong.

9. You don't take sh*t and you don't talk sh*t. Period.

You're way too fierce to be talked down to. You're also way too classy to be spreading rumors through the grape vine.

When confronted with these difficult situations, you simply ask yourself WWBD (What Would Bey Do?).

10. You've always been the HBIC.

Whether it's planning nights out, brunches or even casual coffee dates, you pick the location, as well as what everyone will be wearing.

You let your friends have their moments and support their goals, so long as they don't interfere with your plans for total world domination.

11. You don't compete with anyone else because you are always the Supreme.

Nobody has ever stood in the way of what you want. Everyone else to the left, please.

12. You have the power to traverse the entire galaxy while defying all laws of time and physics.

You are the Queen of the world. You can literally do whatever you want.