Why It's Better To Piss People Off Than To Let Them Walk All Over You

by Lauren Martin

"Sorry bud, but that's the way the cookie crumbles."

If you've ever said this, any version of this douchey sentence or idea, you have succeeded in adequately pissing someone the f*ck off.

Sometime, somewhere, you didn't give two sh*ts about anyone else's feelings and worried solely about your own. You could see the other side -- that person's side -- and you still didn't give a damn.

Well, good for you. Way to stick to your guns and not give a second thought to someone else's opinion or overly-dramatic feelings. Way to stick up for yourself.

Way to be an assh*le -- I'm sorry, but if we all weren't assh*les at one time or another, then the world would be run by a select few, and that's so much worse.

It's give and take. Sometimes you just need to be one, and sometimes you just need to learn to take one. Like oral sex, the system works best when we're rotating turns.

Because if you're never the assh*le, if you're never pissing someone off, you're just always the one getting sh*t on.

I can tell you from personal experience, once you start learning how to piss people off, life changes. Once you learn to stick up for yourself, to stop succumbing to the opinions of others, you see the other side.

It's a side of plans you actually want, dinner at places you like to eat and limited time spent doing favors for people you hate.

Of course, I'm not saying that you should try to piss people off. Deliberately trying to be an assh*le is just poor form and those people are the ones who usually get what they deserve in the end.

But when you're in a situation and it's you or someone else, that person's feelings or yours, your time or someone else's, sometimes you just need to say f*ck you, I'm choosing me.

The day you stop caring about what other people think and start caring more about how you feel is the day you blossom into the assh*le you were destined to be. And trust me, life's a lot better once you stop giving a sh*t.

If they’re really your friends, they’ll get over it

Pissing people off isn't the same as f*cking them over. It's like a pinch over a punch. People piss one another off -- that's how we learn who is worth tolerating and who isn't worth forgiving.

If you did made a mistake or had to do something for yourself (without truly screwing them over), they should be able to understand that.

If they are true friends then they understand that sometimes we need to be selfish, sometimes we can't worry about their opinions before our own.

If they’re that sensitive, you don’t want anything to do with them anyway

Sensitive people are like bees -- they sting once and die. No one wants to live life surrounded by weak people whose sole purpose in life is to find something to cry about.

We don't need buzzing in our ear every time they think they smell something sour. Sensitive people are not worth your pity; they are people who need either bigger balls or thicker skin.

It's your life, you shouldn't have to spend it tiptoeing around people

Since when did everyone become more important than you? When did other people's problems become more important than your own.

They have no problem pissing you off, so why worry so much about pissing them off?

Life is hard, rough and not for suckers. It's for those who know how to play the game and finish strong.

It's not about how nice you can be and how many toes you can avoid stepping on, it's about getting what you need to get done and refusing to waste your time with insignificant feelings.

Sometimes you just need to be the assh*le if it means getting your sh*t done

The climb to the top includes stepping on a few toes. No one great ever got anywhere without pissing someone off -- whether that be the person competing with you for the job, your mother who doesn't agree with your career path or your friend who is jealous of your achievements.

There will always be people in the way, people deliberately trying to bring you down and people just blocking your view. Sooner or later, you realize it's their feelings or your own.

A sign of growing up is growing a little bit colder and harder -- harder to screw over and harder to piss off.

Time is the most valuable thing you have -- don't waste it doing things you don't want to do

If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, would you be more upset about the people you pissed off or the things you didn't get to do because you were scared of pissing people off?

Life isn't about the number of people you disappoint, but the number of times you were strong enough not to care and go after what you want.