The Best Brands For Those Staple Items You Need In Your 20s

by Lauren Martin

America was founded on the principal of capitalism. Adam Smith envisioned the genius solution to free market competition, enabling the best situation for consumers. We live in a country where there's always a better deal, a better price. For when companies have to compete, the consumer wins.

When Apple started becoming popular, many people thought it signaled the end for all other electronic companies. Samsung and other electronics companies stepped up their game to counter Apple's popularity and technological prowess, and consumers now have a wide range of awesome products and deals to chose from. So thank you competitors! This is exactly the way capitalism is supposed to work.

With that in mind, Elite Daily has set out to find the best deals for our readers. Because we're millennials and we're savy, creative geniuses who won't settle for anything less than the best and we're tired of overpriced and overused merchandise.

Here's a list of the best things that are better than the "mainstream," original brand and are a better deal for your money. They are also things that should be staple items in your life. Featuring everything from speakers to sunglasses, this list shows that there's always a better brand out there. Here's our top 4 choices for this week.

Good Speakers - Ultimate Ears

F*ck Beats. Not only does everyone have them, but they are overpriced. We are in a post-recession economy and dropping $300 on some headphones is bullsh*t. So we've found the newest replacement and it's sick.

Ultimate Ears are the newest and coolest portable speaker system that rivals Beat's new Pill speakers. These use Bluetooth technology to hook your iPhone to the speakers so you never have to be without your phone and you can change the song without having to get up. Think about it like this, you can be in the kitchen while your guests enjoy the sultry sounds of your playlist.

So forget docking. With UE BOOM, you can switch songs, adjust volume and take phone calls from up to 50 feet away. Or grab a friend and take turns playing songs from two different devices.UE BOOM is the 360º speaker that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction. Not only that, but it's small enough to take it with you, anywhere.

Check out their limited edition speakershere.

A Legit Winter Jacket-  Fjällräven

If we see one more puffy North Face on one more sorority JAP we are going to scream. That's right, North Face has become the new Juicy and it's not pretty. Not only is North Face overused and overpriced, but their coats aren't that attractive, unless puffy plastic-like coats are your style.

Our pick for the new winter coat is Fjällräven. We can honestly say these coats are warmer than anything out there, and more stylish. Seriously, puffy jackets are for sorority girls. If you're a young professional you need a sophisticated winter jacket. This is perfect for you urban folk or those living it up in the mountains.

They are the real deal. Founded in the small town of Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven has now expanded to every corner in the world. The fundamental ideas remain the same; provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable for all. It's what those classy kids in Sweeden wear, and it's pretty sick.

To check out their amazing collection of winter coats visit their site.

Nice Glasses - Eyefly

Ray Bans are another brand that are overpriced and over worn. We're not sure about you, but we're definitely sick of seeing wannabe hipsters adorning the non prescription rims with the Ray Ban logo. It's safe to say we've officially been turned off.A refreshing change in eye-wear comes from Eyefly.

Eyefly sells optical frames and sunglasses for $94, including RX. They're able to make high-quality frames at a low price point by removing the overhead associated with the traditional retail experience.

They're known for their wide assortment of product, especially their diverse range of colors, as well as their give program, for every frame purchased, one pair is donated to a charity.

Eyefly's for customer who likes to switch up their style daily.They sell prescription and non prescription sunglasses and frames that are more stylish and cheaper than any mainstream brand. But most importantly they are only $94! That's half the price of those oh-so-out Ray Bans.