The Best/Worst Parts Of The Weekend

by Ally Batista

Oh, the weekend. Some people literally start counting down to Friday night from the second they wake up Monday morning.

The weekend is the most perfect and necessary break that everyone needs at the end of their week no matter what age you are. But of course, as with everything else, the weekend has it's highs and it's lows.

The Best Parts Of The Weekend:

Having Nothing To Do

After a week of scrambling around, waking up early, rushing to get to work, missing your train, having your coffee spill down the front of your dress shirt, breaking a heel, missing work deadlines, etc, it's such a relief come Friday night. There's not one worry on your mind except what your drink of choice will be that night. After going out with your friend's Friday night, you can wake up as late as you want to on Saturday and lay around doing nothing but emptying your pantry and watching hours of your favorite TV show. Once you're good and ready and done relaxing you can get up and get ready to go out again. Your phone may be blowing up with emails from your boss, but who cares about that, it's the weekend.


Honestly, what's more fun than going out and drinking? Before people get offended and claim that this article promotes alcoholism just think about it. Even if you aren't a huge fan of going out and getting blacked out, it's fun to even have one cocktail with your friends. Your entire group is most likely celebrating the weekend as well, and having a drink with your friends just tastes better during the weekend than it would on a Wednesday night, because you know you don't have anything to do tomorrow. Or you can be irresponsible like my friends and I and go out to dollar beer night for the sole intention of not remembering how you got home. This is fun because some of us never really grow up do we?


I'm dedicating this portion of the article solely to football. Football may not have created Sunday but it most definitely perfected Sunday. From the moment the Super Bowl ends I go into a semi-depression because Sundays are now useless. Football games give you something to do from about 1 P.M. until 10 P.M. What else in this world can keep your entertained for a full 8 hours? The excitement from football games make you forget that you have to get up and go to work in a few hours. And it gives you an excuse to keep drinking beers and eating wings.

The Worst Parts Of The Weekend:

Having Things To Do

You clock out late Friday afternoon and the only thought on your mind is "YES! I don't have shit to do for the next two days!" Wrong. Your girlfriend wants you to go shopping with her for her sister's baby shower. Your parents want you to come over for an all day brunch. Your boss gave you more work to do during the weekend than you had all week. As perfect as the weekend is, sometimes one gets cursed with the busy weekends, and it's never the fun type of busy either.


You had so much fun at the bar last night you don't even remember how much fun you had, and that's the worst part. You wake up Saturday morning and you're pretty content with how your night went. Yeah your head may be pounding, your vision is blurred, and you feel like throwing up, but all in all you had a great night, right? Wrong. Immediately you check your phone. Yes, you really did text your ex fifteen times last night and your friends have sent you multiple pictures of you being a fool and getting kicked out for starting a bar fight. Great, on top of nursing your never-ending hangover all day, you have to cope with the embarrassment from series of events you can't even explain. Then, to add insult to injury...

Waking Up And Checking Your Bank Account

You wake up and check your bank account. Yeah, having a smart phone was a great idea! You get all of your emails and notifications immediately sent to you with the wonderful world of apps. Well in this case I don't need Bank of America emailing me with a courtesy balance notification, because I really don't want to see that I dropped $150 on shots of Patron for strangers the previous night.

The Weekend During The Months Of February-August

Do I even need to say it? What on earth is there to do without Football on Sundays during these months? Watch Baseball? I'd rather not. During these months Sunday turns into another Saturday. Running errands, seeing relatives you don't want to see, all hungover, with nothing fun to take your mind off your migraine.

Sunday Night

Finally the end of the weekend is here. Actually let's not even talk about this part, because now all there is to think about is Monday morning. There's always a certain time on Sundays, usually when the sun starts going down, when you realize that you didn't catch up on any of that work you had to do and you forgot to write both of those papers that are going to be due in 12 hours. But good thing you have a whole work week ahead of you to get responsible again, right?


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