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6 Things Your Best Friend Will Never Let You Get Away With

Your best friend is your partner in crime. Despite any mistake you make, he or she is there for you through thick and thin: bad breakups, bad outfits, bad haircuts and bad life choices. Despite any mistake you make, your best friend will always be there.

This is the person who is going to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. He or she isn’t going to let you walk out of the house in that hideous corduroy jacket or let you drunk text your ex.

Your best friend will tell you to get it together when no one else will.

That’s what best friends are for — to stand by your side no matter how badly you screw up your life.

As someone who has often needed to steer my friends back to the path of enlightenment, let me clue you in on a few things.

Here’s a list of things that your best friend should never let you get away with, and what they’ll say when you try.

1. Complaining about your job but doing nothing about it

Sure, your best friend is obligated to listen to you complain. But there is only so much they are going to listen to because you can’t just sit around and moan without taking any action.

Your best friend will have no problem telling you that you can't get anywhere in your career without making moves. If you think you deserve a raise, ask for it. If your job is making you completely miserable, quit. Don't just sit around and wallow in your own misery.

Your best friend is there to deliver the hard truth. Gotta love that honesty.

2. Ghosting when you get a new boo.

Look, of course your BFF is going to be thrilled for you when you find love. That's awesome. That is epic! Good for you.

But that does not mean you get to just up and disappear. You are still obligated to have nights out with your best friend. You don't get to stop answering his or her texts because you found a significant other. That's not how friendships work.

You know your best friend is going to call you out if you start putting your friendship on the back burner for your relationship. After all, your best friend was there long before your new BAE. Keep it straight.

3. Telling a complete lie.

Don't make stuff up just to make yourself feel better. Your best friend is there to call you out when you're acting like a fool.

You don't need to make things up to sound smart or sophisticated. You're going to end up making yourself look really dumb when you're caught red-handed in a lie. Just be yourself. It's far more attractive to everyone.

4. Dating that person who is wrong for you.

This person is a jerk. He or she treated you like complete garbage and made you cry on several occasions. What are you even thinking?! Your best friend will scream in your face and wildly shake you to knock some much-needed sense into your skull.

Stop trying to make something out of nothing. Your best friend is there to guide you when you have absolutely no idea what is good for you. God, you are lucky.

5. Doing something really, really stupid.

Thinking about buying a ticket to travel around the world? Your BFF will remind you that you only have $13 to your name. Do you think you're going to make a million dollars by joining this very obvious pyramid scheme?

No. Stop it. Get it together.

It's called tough love. If it feels like your dreams are being destroyed, just let it go. You’ll thank your best friend later. It may seem harsh, but your BFF actually does want what's best for you.

6. Being a party pooper.

I think we all know you're not too tired or too busy to come out tonight. You're just being lazy. I will bet you anything that right now you're binging on Netflix and stuffing your face with Nutella.

Your best friend knows the night is young, and so are you. Your best friend is not going to allow you to wallow in self-pity when there is a beautiful night to explore and experience.

He or she will pull out that age-inappropriate outfit you hate, make you put it on and get your butt out the door because you two are hitting the club.

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