Youngest Child Problems: 9 Things Only The Baby Of The Family Gets

by Margaret O'Brien

Being the baby of the family isn’t always as glamorous as many people think.

For years, oldest and middle children have been claiming that the youngest “gets away with everything” and is “clearly the favorite.”

They have a sort of prejudice against the babies of the family, and it's time the issue was addressed. What they don’t realize is that being the last born comes with its own set of problems.

Don’t let the stereotype fool you.

Here are nine struggles that only the youngest child will understand:

1. If your older siblings were captains of their sports teams or super geniuses in high school, you live in their shadows.

Even if your parents don’t admit it, they noticed. And, so did everyone else. They noticed when you didn’t make the varsity team or honor roll. How could they not? Your older siblings breezed through high school successfully.

2. You’re expected to attend as good of a college as your older siblings.

If your older sibling goes to Harvard, you better be prepared for Yale. Or Princeton. Or anywhere of equal academic standing. You can’t be the one to break the Ivy League streak. You just can’t.

3. Once your siblings leave for college, you’re the only one left for your parents to focus on.

And, oh, do they ever. Your parents focus all of their time and energy on you once your siblings move out.

You’re the only thing between them and an empty nest, so they cling to you for dear life. They need to know where you are, whom you’re with and what you’re doing at all times.

4. People blatantly refer to you as “[insert older sibling’s name here] little sister or brother.”

You have a name. Seriously, you got one at birth. Just like everyone else. It’s right there on your birth certificate. It would be cool if people could learn it and then use it when they talk to you.

5. If they aren’t referring to you as your sibling’s little sister or brother, they are referring to you as your sibling.

One name is easier anyway, isn’t it? It’s totally understandable that people just lump you and your older sibling under one name. Hey, sometimes even your parents accidentally do it. Your actual name isn't that important, anyway.

6. You’re tired of hearing, “You know, when your older sister/ brother was your age…”

Well, he/she is not your age anymore. He/she is older. So, let’s all do a Queen Elsa and let it go. You are constantly subjected to speeches about what your siblings accomplished by the time they were your age and you’re sick of it.

7. You wore more hand-me-downs than you can even remember.

While your siblings got to go out and buy all new clothes, you were the lucky recipient of his/her old stuff. Worn-out t-shirts, stretched-out pants and whatever else was in his/her closet is now all yours to wear. Yay.

8. You have to hear people constantly tell you, “You’re next!”

No matter the occasion – your older brother’s wedding, your older sister’s baby shower, etc. – you will be told you are next. Your older siblings got married and are having babies, so you should be right behind them. No pressure, though.

9. Your parents baby you, no matter how old you are, and not always in a good way.

Since you’re the youngest, you’re clearly the most incapable. Even though you are a young adult, there’s simply no way to know how to do anything on your own.

Thank god Mom and Dad are only a phone call away. (*rolls eyes*)