These 7 Productivity Websites Will Help You Get Sh*t Done

by Kate Ryan

We all want to jam-pack our days with more awesome -- preferably, without the aid of crystal meth. While effective, it's not so great for your teeth or general health... or anything for that matter.

So look no further than the Internet to help you get more done while you're working online. It's like one of those "answer's in the question" kind of riddles but less annoying.

Here are the seven best productivity websites to help you tackle a serious mound of sh*t.


This website helps you learn to speed read, which will vastly improve every aspect of your work day. Normally, we learn to read at a base rate of 200 words per minute, which is about the speed it takes to read something out loud.

But once you silence that inner voice, you'll be able to read at rates double or triple that base rate.

Through the Spreeder app, you can copy and paste whole passages of a text to be dolled out word by word at whatever speed you set. Now you can blast through that pile of emails and get to the good stuff -- like Kanye's Twitter feed.

Free Rice

Expand your vocabulary while providing food for the needy. With a simple word-matching quiz, you learn new words by increasing levels of difficulty. And for each question you get right, you donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme to help end global hunger.

Since the site's inception in 2007, nearly 100 billion grains of rice have been donated. Be warned, though, once you get going, it's hard to stop.


Sometimes working a little meditation into your day is as easy as clicking on a link and doing what you're told.

For those who can't figure out how to sit still for a massage, let alone a deep meditation sesh, this is the app for you. Whether you want to peace out for two minutes or 20, Calm provides all the tools you need to get yourself, well, calm.

Because everyone knows stress is the number one boner -- I mean, productivity killer.


Say so long to wasting whole mornings scrolling through unwanted emails. Unroll.Me will sort through your inbox to find out how many newsletters you're subscribed to, and the results are often shocking.

After revealing the sources of all your spam (like, when did I sign up for Avocados Direct??), Unroll.Me lets you decide which ones you want to stay subscribed to. After that, you'll only get one streamlined digest per day. Not bad!

Rescue Time

This website works like the ultimate reality check. Install it on your computer and it'll tell you how much time you spend on various websites and programs, giving you insight into your most and least productive days.

If you've ever wondered where the whole day went, this app will tell you.


Imagine having Ernest Hemingway as your copy editor -- without the belligerent drunkenness. The Hemingway app not only points out grammar mistakes, but also helps streamline your writing by flagging convoluted sentences and unnecessary adverbs.

Basically, it'll make editing those blog posts a whole lot easier. As the famous cat collector said himself,

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Does that include tweeting, too?


What is that, you ask? According to Google, it's defined as,

The ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations.

The SelfControl app helps you exercise that control-whatever-thing by blocking certain websites for a specified amount of time. So that, no matter how much you cry and beg, it won't let you stalk your exes on Facebook for at least five minutes -- or however long  you set the timer.

Download it here and do your selfie good.

For a little bonus inspiration, check out this chick who's getting loads of sh*t done.