5 Steps To Recover From Post-Vacation Blues

by Garima Chopra

Just a few weeks ago, many of us were crossing off the days on our calendars, looking for train rides home for the holidays or last minute plane tickets to the Caribbean to escape the bitter cold.

Now it feels as though that excitement ended ages ago. It’s the beginning of February and the holidays are officially over.

Our Christmas trees and lights are gone and the nagging emails from our teachers and bosses are filling up our inboxes yet again.

Nothing seems more depressing than the daily grind of work and school, but for months, that’s all we’ll have. Thoughts of drinking by the beach or Mom’s epic huge family dinners are now distant memories.

Still, we’re reluctant to fully unpack suitcases (mine is still quietly sitting in the corner of my room, dreadfully ignored). If you feel the same way as I do and have a bad case of the vacation blues, check out these few tips to help you get through these oh-so-rough times and have a smoother transition next year:

1.  Give yourself some time before getting back into routine.

We all like to maximize our limited vacation days and stay in holiday mode until the last available moment. Although this is a tempting option, it’s vital to get some time to rest before you return real life.

Avoid coming home Sunday night if you are expected at your desk Monday morning.Try to secure a weekend or several days to decompress before you have to get back into your routine so you have the necessary time to recover from your jet lag or cure that weeklong hangover. You will be grateful for the time you set aside to get your house and life back in order.

2.  Plan something exciting upon your return.

Whether you spent the holidays outside or cooped up in your bed (binge-watching Netflix, of course), life can seem pretty dull when your workload or schoolbooks make a comeback. Schedule a night out with your friends or casual time with your family. Planning something fun to which you can look forward will keep you smiling.

3.  Reminisce about the holidays and relive the experiences.

Missing the place from which you recently came back? Go out and relive the trip by visiting restaurants or places in your hometown that evoke memories of your holiday.

Also, since no one understands your vacation blues as well as your travel buddies, compile all the pictures from your various devices and spend time with them, remembering and laughing about the happy days you spent together.

4.  Pamper yourself because you deserve it.

If you’re feeling bummed out, there’s no better cure than to treat yourself — plan a spa day. A relaxing massage or pedicure is always a great solution for a bad mood.

Also, splurge a little on your diet. Whether that means trying a fancy restaurant, buying some expensive groceries for a new recipe or a basket full of French fries, it’s up to you.

Remember, bathing suit season is still months away. If you are feeling especially generous (to yourself), buy a present. Might I suggest a cute outfit for Saturday night?

5. Plan the next vacation

The final — and ultimate — cure for vacation blues is to start dreaming about your next trip. Take out your 2014 calendar and begin planning which days to take off.

Start the research process. Check out possible destinations, attractions, activities, etc. Imagining your next escape will keep your excitement in motion, regardless of your boring daily routine.

Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram