5 Definitive Signs That You're A Woman With Sass, Not A B*tch With No Class

by Andrea Arrizza

Let’s face it: Most of us have been called bitchy one point or another when we were simply being our sassy selves. Since the age of time, bitchy has become a term coined to describe women acting in a certain outspoken and temperamental way.

Hell, our generation even has the term “bitchy resting face” to characterize women who seemingly possess bitchy facial expressions.

While this term shouldn’t necessarily apply solely to women (men can be just as bitchy), we all have our bad days when we just can’t deal with people and need to let out a varying degree of "bitchiness.” (Bitchslapping spree, anyone?)

However, there’s a fine line between being bitchy and sassy. Take Gemma from "Sons of Anarchy" and Veronica Mars, for example. Both characters are pretty badass in the sense that they exhibit qualities of outspokenness and don’t take sh*t from anyone, yet they stand their ground in a much different manner.

While the former utilizes physical beatdowns (skateboard smacks in the face) and abrasive name-calling as a means of asserting herself, the latter uses her bluntness and wit.

If you’ve ever been called a bitch, chances are it’s because you’re either exuding qualities of bitchiness all the time, or you’re being wrongfully mistaken for being sassy. Here are some telltale differences that separate a bitchy woman from a sassy one:

Sassiness is a character trait that comes with age; bitchiness is an infectious attitude.

According to Urban Dictionary, “Even if a person is not bitchy but rather, honest or blunt, a stupid person may use 'bitchy' to describe that person.”

Stupidity aside, you can easily mistake the two because they share similar qualities of bluntness and honesty, but they’re projected in a very different manner. One distinguishing factor is that sassiness isn’t an emotional state, but rather, a character trait that comes with age; whereas, bitchiness is an infectious attitude.

Think about it: When you’re around a bitchy person, you probably feel inclined to either a) retreat from her because she's a downer to be around, or b) emulate her behavior.

Being around a bitchy person can have a contagious effect, and it isn’t the best attitude to emulate. Just like no one is born bitchy, no one is born sassy (as much as we all want to believe we are).

Yet, with the right amount of wit and intelligence, you develop sass as you get older. Just like you learn to think before you talk, you acquire the skills of speaking your mind, but in a less childish and overt manner.

On the contrary, bitchiness comes from a dark place of frustration and bitterness. It’s an unrefined attitude that is a result of not being able to keep your cool.

While we all can be occasionally bitchy and can’t always play it cool or keep our calm, bitchiness can become simply a fleeting emotional state if you don’t let it overpower you.

Sassy women have class, bitchy women don’t.

Anyone who’s ever seen a sassy woman in action knows what I’m talking about. Sass takes a certain degree of class, while bitchiness is more outlandish and unfiltered.

Sassy women are diplomatic and have a calculated approach in what they’re going to say and how to act. They’re respected for their assertive nature and quick comebacks. Bitchy women, on the other hand, act irrationally and impulsively without thinking things through.

They exude their temperament 24/7 and can’t seem to filter their emotional distress. Their emotions are the driving force behind their actions; whereas, sassy women use a certain degree of logic and know-how to keep themselves in tact.

Sassy women avoid drama; bitchy women cause drama.

We’ve all gone through our "bitchy" phase during our late to early teens that consisted of moody tempers, irrational outbursts and overt declarations for freedom. Yet, after a certain age, most of us (including sassy women) steer clear from drama.

Instead of seeking it out and making mountains out of molehills, sassy ladies avoid it and do their own thing. Bitchy women live and feed on drama. Anyone who has ever walked in a bathroom with a carbon copy of the cast from "Mean Girls" knows what I’m talking about.

Predatory remarks, gossiping like nobody’s business or casting sinister stares at you for no reason are all signs of bitchy behavior when women are trying to intimidate you with their presence.

Best course of action? Shrug it off and don’t give them the time of day by feeding their egos.

Sassy women use witty comebacks and sarcasm as their primary weapons of defense; bitchy women use intimidation tactics and elicit hurtful remarks.

Sassy women are known to be smartasses. They’ll be the first ones to call you out on your overt attempts of impressing someone, but the difference is, they’ll do it in a playful manner because they mean well.

While both types keep their guards up, sassy women will methodically string the right words together to get their point across.

Bitchy women will try to intimidate you with their presence, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll be the type to blurt out hurtful remarks to bring you down and make themselves feel superior.

They’re much more impulsive and malicious in their approach and might even resort to physical violence (true story). In the end, bitchy women can only do the talk, but can’t walk the walk, while sassy women have enough intelligence and emotional strength to do both.

Sassy women are fun to be around, bitchy women aren’t.

If you can live with a little playful taunting and witty banter, you might just enjoy the company of a sassy woman. They’re lively, vivacious and full of personality.

On the contrary, bitchy women are more vicious and enjoy being the center of attention. If things don’t go their way, they respond in an irrational manner that can even resort to the age-old cat fight.

We’ve all encountered these types of people and instead of being a victim, just shrug them off loosely and tread lightly.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It