Why You Should Never Regret Any Tattoos From Your Past


I got my first tattoo at 16 years old. Five years and five tattoos later, I love them all. But there's always that person in a group who just has to ask, "Won't you regret that when you get older?"

The short answer: no. I've always had a fascination with body art to the point where a young Tatiana dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. That dream quickly shattered when I realized I had little artistic talent, so I decided getting tattoos would be just as satisfying as creating them.

If you have tattoos or want them in the future, don't let people scare you by playing the regret card. Here is the long answer, the five reasons you should never regret tattoos from your past.

1. You liked them once.

There was a time in your life when you really liked a design, name or symbol, to the point where you were willing to get it branded on your skin. Even if it was a drunken love affair, there was a reason you chose it. As you get older, try not to lose sight of why you first decided on the ink.

2. They remind you of your past.

This is a shot in the dark, but I'm guessing the majority of tattoos people have mean something important to them. Oftentimes, they signify a metamorphic event or a life-changing person, however temporary it or he or she was. If you went through a dark period, even an exceptionally happy period, it's always nice to have a permanent reminder of how transformational it was.

You've changed; you've made it through alive and, hopefully, well. Look down at your body and remember how far you've come, and maybe be thankful you're no longer there.

3. They make for an interesting story or bonding experience.

I've come to find tattoos to be one of the best conversation starters there is. If someone you just met sees a tattoo peeking out of your clothing, they'll always say some variation of, "Oh, you have a tattoo!" Then begins the long conversation about when you got it, what it is, why you got it, what it means, etc.

Sometimes, the person who asks also has a tattoo, and your mutual ink instantly becomes the beginning of a great bonding experience. Who knows? Maybe the two of you will get tatted together somewhere down the line.

4. Sometimes you need a good laugh.

Whether the tattoo is the Chinese character for "peanut," a giant "INSERT HERE" above the crotch, or Miley Cyrus' face, it'll probably make you laugh. It's one thing to find it funny on another person, and an entirely different thing to see the hilarity when it's on your own skin. Let the tattoo teach you how to laugh at yourself and how silly mistakes aren't the end of the world. Next time someone makes fun of that tacky Scooby Doo tattoo, you can laugh right along with them.

5. Old people look badass with tattoos.

If people have the nerve to tell you your tattoos will look weird once you're older, please do yourself a favor and ignore them. Older people look awesome with tattoos. Tattoos give the impression that the person had an exciting, interesting life. Plus, ink doesn't melt off, no matter how many wrinkles you have. The most that happens is your tattoos sag a bit with your skin, but gravity will catch up to you no matter what, so who cares?

Photo via We Heart It