5 Reasons Why You Should Never Have An Argument Through Text

by Sarah Heath

Your thoughts are racing and your blood is boiling at the audacity of this person's behavior.

Who do they think they are?

Perhaps you did a bit of stalking, and saw that your man has been liking a bunch of other girls' photos.

Maybe it’s been two days and the guy you have been talking to still hasn’t texted you back. Or, let's say you heard a friend or a coworker was talking about you behind your back.

Regardless of what the situation is, you are angry. You have worked yourself up by thinking about it over and over again, and you want to release that anger -- most likely onto the person who caused it.

Let’s be honest: We’ve all been here. And, most of us can relate to either ruining something potentially good and regretting it later, or simply coming across as an emotional train wreck and having to sheepishly apologize later on.

Whether you are in a serious relationship, talking to someone casually, or you are just friends with the person in question, it doesn’t matter; emotional texting is rarely a good idea.

I am not saying to deny your emotions or to cover them up, but sending the long text essay when we are in a state of anger or frustration is, by experience, never the best move.

We can always find ways to express exactly what we are feeling and address an issue, but texting while angry is never the best way to do so -- here are five reasons why.

1. Your emotions are high.

We all know that fits of anger and frustration come and go. Wait until you are a bit more relaxed and level-headed.

2. You might say something you'll later regret.

...then have to try to explain yourself.

You know those times when you burst out with something during a fit of anger, and you look back and cringe, thinking, “Ugh, why did I say that?”

It's not a good feeling. Imagine avoiding all of that drama. People will respect you so much more when you have control over how you express your emotions.

3. You are most likely not seeing the bigger picture right now.

Remember, when you are angry or upset, you have tunnel vision; all you can see is the perceived problem, not the bigger picture.

4. There won't be a resolution.

When you approach someone with words of anger or accusations out of nowhere, he or she will usually either get defensive and just as heated as you are, or immediately shut you out to avoid the drama.

You'll notice that whenever you have truly resolved a situation with someone, it was when you and the other person were calm and listened to one another.

5. You will enhance your self-control.

In turn, you'll be more trusting of yourself and your own decisions in the future.  There’s nothing worse than always being ashamed of your own actions and worrying about continuing to sabotage yourself in the future.

If you focus on something else for the time being and let your emotions cool down, you will be able to express yourself in a way that is cool, calm and collected. Believe me; you will thank yourself later for it.

I know it's hard, but pick up your remote and watch something funny on Netflix. Take a nap. Read a novel. Go to the gym. Hell, eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's. Just give yourself some time to cool down.

Put that phone down and wait.