45 Reasons Why Having A Dog Is Always Better Than Having A Boyfriend

by Miranda Kulp

Man’s best friend has been protecting us and loving us for hundreds of decades; it’s the most loyal bond a person can have, and often, the pet turns into family.

Dogs have a way of always being your therapist, your protector, your gym partner and, more importantly, your best friend.

I’ve been through heartbreak and despair, but no matter how bad the pain was, I always had my canine friend to pick me back up.

Boys may make you cry from time to time, but dogs will only ever make you smile.

It’s pretty safe to say I’m okay with being single, as long as I have my best friend by my side.

Here's why dogs are most definitely better than boyfriends:

1. No one is as happy to see you as they are when you come home

2. They (usually) don’t take up as much room in the bed

3. They'll always listen to you vent about your day

4. They’ll never tell your secrets

5. They don’t mind that you tell them all the gossip

6. They love you no matter what

7. You’ll never have to impress their families

8. Your family will always love them no matter what

9. They’re not picky eaters and always willing to eat your leftovers

10. They’ll never lie or cheat on you

11. They'll always be by your side

12. You’ll always have someone to run with

13. ...Or, you’ll always have someone to spend hours on end watching movies with

14. They can always sense when a person isn’t as good as he or she seems

15. They’ll never judge you for your past mistakes, or when your life is an absolute sh*tshow

16. If anything, they’re proud you drank that entire bottle by yourself

17. They’ll love all your friends

18. They will always put a smile on your face

19. Sometimes, your dog is the only thing that can brighten your day

20. Dogs also don’t care if you cry in front of them

21. They think you're a comedian, regardless of how bad your jokes are

22. They’ll never complain about watching "Gossip Girl" with you

23. They’re the perfect company for the beach

24. They’re always willing to give you a helping hand

25. They love all the pictures you force them to take with you

26. They’ll never tell you to be more responsible with your money

27. They’ll always let you know when it’s time to take a break from work

28. You’ll never worry about buying them expensive birthday presents

29. They don’t mind if you’re a little clingy

30. They always want to be by your side

31. Not only are they the perfect cuddle partners, they also make the perfect pillows

32. They also don’t ever hold grudges for something you once said

33. You can wear the same outfit for three days straight and they won’t care

34. They’ll never object to you dressing them up for Halloween

35. They think you have an awesome singing voice

36. Additionally, they will always agree with whatever song you put on

38. They always love to dance with you

39. They don’t think it’s weird you just ate that entire carton of ice cream

40. They’ll always admit when they’re wrong

41. Even when they do something wrong, it’s okay because they're cute

42. You really can’t ever stay mad at them for more than a few minutes

43. No matter how crazy, they believe you can achieve every dream you have

45. They know exactly how to cheer you up

46. They’re the best friend you could ever have