23 Justifiable Reasons To Be Single All Throughout College

by Ashley

You've probably caught yourself daydreaming about going on a perfect vacation with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or having someone to cuddle with at any hour of any day.

But, I’ve been single for pretty much all of college, and let me tell you, it's great.

Sure, sh*t gets awkward when your family asks you why you don’t have a significant other or you start to plan how many cats you’re going to live with 30 years from now, but in college, being single is worth it.

Here are 23 reasons why:

1. You can flirt with anyone.

2. You only have to worry about yourself.

Go out. Have fun. Party hard. Who cares? As long as you are responsible for yourself, you’re golden.

3. Ladies, two words: free drinks.

Thanks, boys.

4. You don’t have to explain any questionable actions to anyone.

5. You can laugh at those who fight with their boyfriends and girlfriends 24-7.

6. You can go to functions with different people each and every time.

Having the same date for every function is fun … But, is it?

7. You don’t have to depend on someone else.

8. You have that whole twin-sized bed to yourself.

9. Less drama.

10. You’re allowed to have close “guy friends” or close “girl friends.”

11. Boys: The only ego you need to boost is your own.

You know how this goes: “Do I look good in this?” “Go like my instagram picture.” “Babe, do you love me?”

Even I know this gets old, and I’m a girl. Stay single and these questions should stay out of your life.

12. You don’t have to have the constant worry in your life that your boy or girl is being sneaky.

13. Girls' nights and guys' nights are whenever you want.

It sucks being in a situation where you have to choose your friends over your significant other.

Good news: You don’t have to align with anyone else’s schedule when you’re single.

14. You can be as selfish as you please.

Boys, if you don't want to lend out a sweatshirt, then don't. It's yours and you don't have a girlfriend, so you aren't obligated to give her anything.

15. You can hang out and party whenever and wherever you please.

Monday night? Frat. Sunday night? Sorority house. Go for it, people! No one can stop you.

16. You can have a random hookup.

17. Wake up the next morning and discuss the night with no regrets.

We’ve all been there: You wake up on Sunday, look at your roommate and all you can do is laugh. You probably did something questionable the night before, and instead of fighting with your boy or girl about it, you laugh it off.

You’re single, so why not, right?

18. Having a night to just eat and be ugly all alone is totally cool.

Ladies, if you just want to lay in bed with a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream and surround yourself with Cheese-Itz and popcorn for a post-snack, be my guest.

Take off that makeup, wear a high bun and throw on the sweats.

19. You have your whole life to be with someone.

20. The only tears you will shed will be from laughter.

21. You can focus on reading your textbooks, not someone else’s texts.

22. You learn more about yourself.

College is when people start to find themselves and pick a path for their futures. How are you supposed to do that with complete freedom when you're constantly worrying about someone else?

23. You will look back at your college years and be happier.

No one will look back at their college years and think, “Damn! I’m so glad we sat in that night and cuddled to watch that movie! What movie was it again?”

No, we all want to look back and reminisce on how much fun we had out that one night with all of our friends. Maybe you won't remember too much, but who cares? At least you went out and had a blast with everyone who was important to you.

So, basically, what I’ve learned these past three years is to stay single in college.

Boys, if you are happily wifed-up, or ladies, if you've found that dream man you thought about all of high school, congrats. I wish you all the best.

We single Pringles will continue to lead our lives of fun, laughter and making questionable decisions.