Here's Why The 2000s Were The Absolute Worst Decade For Fashion

by Kate Ryan
Paramount Pictures

Ugh, the 2000s. Can we just pretend that decade never happened like we pretend we weren't totally buggin' over Y2K?

You can tell this post is going to be a blast from 2000 because I used "buggin'" and "Y2K" in the same sentence.

Also, as a warning, there are a lot of pics in here of new millennium fashion that could burn your eyes. Put on a pair of blue-tinted glasses and proceed with caution.

Velour Track Suits

The only type of clothing both New Jersey mobsters and stay-at-home moms wore was the velour tracksuit. It's the perfect example of something that could have been so cool gone terribly wrong.



I can't recall, but were we all preparing for a massive flood in the 2000s? The most insane thing is you can still buy these monstrosities on, like, right now.

If you see a pair, run. Don't think, just run.

Tinted Sunglasses

Can we just leave this look to Elton John, please? Pretty sure he's the only human alive who can pull it off, though that didn't stop people from trying in the early 2000s.

Even Beyoncé got in on the action.

Von Dutch Everything


I'll admit it: I had a black velour Von Dutch hoodie once. They were dark times.

Italian Bracelets

From four-leaf clovers to basketballs, there was a charm for every "hobby" a girl had back in 2002. Some had stacks going up their arms, while I had maybe half a bracelet decked out with ponies or some sh*t.

I don't know how I convinced my parents to fork over money for these overrated charm bracelets that fell apart after one game of tetherball.

Livestrong Bracelets

Like, yay for good causes and stuff, but how utterly fugly were these bracelets? The yellow color, the silicone band, the way it always fit so loosely and traveled halfway up your forearm -- they were basically a fashion disaster.

Jelly Bracelets


Purple meant you were just down for kissing; red signified lap dances, and black meant you were into full-on, P-in-V sex. Though no sixth grader actually did any of those things, we wore the bracelets in a desperate attempt to seem cool.

If you were an ugly bracelet, the 2000s were your time to shine.

Luckily, the future of fashion is looking a lot more promising. Take a look at the video below, featuring one designer who's disrupting the status quo in the fashion and modeling industries, one runway show at a time.