16 Ways Growing Up With A Sister Makes You An All Around Better Man

by Dan Scotti

It’s ironic, actually, how growing up with a sister – or a few – can actually make you a better man.

Although you might not have had someone to wrestle with – or discuss the birds and bees with, for that matter – it’s hard to deny that growing up with female siblings helped shape you into the gentleman you are today.

While you probably argued with her about everything there is to argue about, at some point or another, she also taught you that arguments are not so much about winning as they are about understanding.

Thanks to her, you have a better understanding of women in general. Not just her. Here are 16 things you learned growing up with sisters.

16. You know how to shop.

You’re no stranger to malls – and you’re certainly no stranger to standing in the front of a women’s boutique, waiting for your sister to finish shopping with mom.

As annoying as this might have been growing up, it certainly served as good practice for you and your girlfriend.

15. You share the remote like a consummate pro.

Had you been born with a few brothers, all sharing the same interest as you in sports, there probably wouldn’t have been much debate during TV time. ESPN probably would have stayed parked on the screen, and a remote control probably wouldn’t really be necessary.

Yet, you didn’t. You had a sister. And, thus, you learned to watch a few innings of the Mets game, and then a few minutes of "Lizzie McGuire."

14. You learned how to argue with women at a young age.

You learned that the final word will probably not be uttered by you, and you learned how to be content with that.

Realistically, as long as mom didn’t blame you – you learned to see the bigger picture of things, and let your sister “be right.” At least in her mind...

13. You abide by “ladies first.”

As long as you didn’t grow up with like 10+ sisters, “ladies first” is a nice little old school gesture that most men today have let go out the window.

Growing up with a sister, you always let her have the first stab at dessert or what radio station to play. It helped you learn patience.

12. ...And you grasp the importance of the "first shower," regarding bathroom priority.

While “ladies first,” is a concept you surely abide by, the bathroom is one of the few exceptions. Especially since your sister takes upwards of an hour to shower – and you’d be clean as a few whistles in, like, five minutes or so.

11. You had to “sleep on the sofa,” long before you ever got in trouble.

Whether on vacations, or trips to your grandma’s house in Florida, whenever a situation would arise in which only one bed were available – you knew you’d be getting the couch treatment on behalf of your sister, the princess.

This, too, is good practice for when you have a girlfriend. I’m sure you won’t be a stranger to sleeping on the couch in the future, either.

10. You don’t find tampons disgusting.


9. You know when to keep your mouth shut.

There are times when you should argue about something you feel strongly about, and there are times when you should just let sleeping dogs lie. After living with a woman for most of your young life, you understand the concept of grudges – and, more importantly, the correct times to bite your tongue.

8. You are an expert at staying preoccupied during two-hour chick flicks.

Sure, when your sister forced you to watch “Clueless” eight times – in the same summer – it likely wasn’t an ideal situation, by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, by around the fourth time you learned to use your imagination and distract yourself during boring activities.

7. You know the words to the majority of Nelly Furtado’s early catalog.

Yeah, you have a broadened musical palette thanks to your sister and her taste in the pop top-40. You know that scene from "White Chicks," where the Wayans Brothers have to pretend like they know the words to Vanessa Carlton’s, “A Thousand Miles”? Well, you can actually do that.

6. You understand what it means to be protective over the people you love.

You learned to become "your sister’s keeper," as soon as she entered middle school... and other dudes started entering puberty.

You learned that people should always respect a lady – and you made sure that nobody crossed any lines with your sister, first.

5. You always had a pool of girls around.

Literally, though. Probably in your backyard, around the pool. Regardless, growing up with a sister also meant that you grew up with your sister’s friends. Despite the label “____’s brother,” it really wasn’t a bad gig.

4. You give better presents.

Thanks to your sister, and her eagerness to “buy mom and dad something good this year,” you’ve become your own little “Basquiat” regarding the art of gift giving.

3. ...And you rarely had to share your gifts.

Thankfully, your sister didn’t really care that you got the new “Call of Duty” on Xbox, or a new set of basketball action figures, and never made you “share.”

Likewise, you didn’t really lose any sleep over extra access to her Barbie collection, either.

2. You learned how to apologize.

You learned the importance of relationships, and how to sustain them for the long-term. You realized that whether you like it or not, you’re siblings, and sometimes one person will need to apologize first – in order to progress together.

1. They're like living with Rosetta Stone, for how to treat a lady.

Your sister showed you what women want, in the non-creepy way, of course. You know exactly which buttons to press – in the off-chance that you’re looking to be a brat – and you also know the little things that you can do to make her day.

It always starts with family, and from living with a woman for the early stages of your life, it’s hard to deny that you’ll be extra-prepared to live with one come the later stages, too.