10 Things That Happen When You Move Away From Your Best Friends

Best friends: They know everything about you. You can't imagine going more than a week or two without seeing them, and then, life happens.

You graduate, get a new job and move states away. Now, you don't see each other every week and life just isn't the same.

Suddenly, you notice even more changes starting to happen in life, after you move away from your best friends:

1. Flying across the country for a weekend trip doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

You used to live down the street or a just short drive away from one another. Now, there are hundreds of miles, hours of pavement and overpriced plane tickets in between you and sanity.

Now, you wish you didn't take your once-upon-a-time close proximity for granted.

So, when you have a precious day off to spare, a plane ticket to a weekend trip should become the first item on your to-do list.

2. You rely on pictures to know what everyone looks like these days.

You used to see their faces daily, whether you liked it or not. Now, you’re so busy, you have no time for video chat.

So, your inner pre-teen comes out and Snapchat is a thing. You send each other pictures of your outfit choices, sad lunch options or that cute guy sitting across the room.

And, you also send the occasional unflattering face because they might miss that, too.

While your data plan might suffer, your heart is full.

3. You’ve resurrected the lost art of snail mail, and the postal workers know you by name.

Sometimes, you just need to let a friend know you’re thinking about him or her and a text just won't do it.

You need to say, "Hey, I miss you and this card of a dancing taco will probably make you laugh, too!"

4. Making outfit choices takes twice as long without their input and closets to raid.

Shopping is necessary now that your closet has been cut in half. It’s hard not being able to find the perfect piece because it’s in a closet halfway across the country.

Friends always know the finishing touch you need to wow in any interview, date or first impression, and they’re never afraid to tell you when that jumpsuit just doesn’t work. At this point, they have enough experience to be considered professional stylists.

5. You realize you all independently chose the same haircut.

It’s a little weird, but not entirely unexpected because you all obviously have a fabulous sense of style.

6. Watching TV isn’t the same anymore.

It’s not as fun with no one there to talk to the TV with you. Now, people silently wish you would be quiet and not yell at Olivia when she gives in to Fitz... again.

These people don’t know the theme song to "Law and Order: SVU," don't think Schmidt is the best character on "New Girl" or that "American Horror Story" night isn’t a thing anymore (truly sad because we all know you can’t watch that show alone).

7. Your crazy side hasn’t seen the light of day since you left them.

You’re just not sure if these new people can handle it. Your BFFs help you stalk a potential new love interest, plan your wedding to Harry Styles and create fake lives when talking to strangers at the bar, just to see what happens.

They understand your type of crazy; they are part of your crazy. These new people just don’t get it yet.

8. Phone calls are precious time to hear a long, lost voice of reason.

Sometimes, all it takes is hearing the voice of the reason to calm you down before a big meeting or pump you up before a blind date.

They can weigh the options of every decision with you faster than any self-help article ever could.

You’re never surprised when a quick five-minute call turns into an hour-long saga.

9. You have wine night hundreds of miles away from each other.

It’s not exactly planned, but sometimes, by fate alone, you realize you’ve all had exceptionally rough days and wine is the only thing that can help.

Even when you’re hundreds of miles apart, you know the wine is connecting you.

10. You’re counting down the days until you see each other again and everyone in your life knows girls' weekend comes first.

You’ve made new friends and they’re okay, but everyone knows that when girls’ reunion weekend is happening, there is nothing standing between you and that destination.

Phone calls, pictures and letters are okay, but nothing beats seeing each other in real life.