If You Have Constant Wanderlust, You’re Probably An Old Soul

During your 20s, you're likely to deeply reflect on your past, present and future life.

You wonder why you are the way you are, blaming yourself, the circumstances or the people around you. You try to find the real meaning of life — your life.

Why are you on Earth?

What is your purpose?

How will your presence on Earth affect the world?

As you’re finding yourself, by gaining knowledge or traveling the world, you might realize you’re actually an old soul: a 64-year-old woman stuck in a 20-year-old body.

With old souls, the body’s age is just a number. Your thinking differs from those around you. Your friends are usually dozens of years older than you. You see right through people’s bullsh*t and have an itching need to call them on it, which often puts you in problematic situations.

As old souls, Earth isn’t your home. You live in a higher level of energy, making you different from the rest. Unfortunately, you can’t travel the galaxies (yet), but you try to find peace by traveling the world.

Here are four signs you're an old soul and wanderlust drives you:

Old Souls Are Social Outcasts.

Since you think differently and have different views, old souls are often social outcasts. Your constant analysis of life drives you into a very solitary routine, as you question everything and everyone around you.

Old souls also don’t fit into society’s norms, values or statuses. You prefer going down your own path, even if it means losing a few acquaintances every now and then.

Since nothing and no one is tying you to your hometown, you often choose to follow your wanderlust and explore new zip codes.

Old Souls See Deeper.

As an old soul, everything and everyone that comes in your life is subject to deep analysis. You often ask yourself why there are so many crimes and hurt in this world.

You overthink your current situation, and you always wonder if there are better and more important things out there.

You seek spiritual happiness rather than material possessions and you prefer a life of peace and quiet instead of city noise. You cannot stop wondering why life has brought you here, today.

As an old soul, you can’t sit still forever. Once your analysis of the current situation is over, you quickly find a new life to analyze. You know there are so many more things to learn.

Old Souls Are Often Mentally Drained.

All the overthinking often leads to unhappiness for old souls because they never appreciate the little things in life. A loving gesture from a peer will always be questioned, and this stops any romance and happiness.

Great news is often doubted because you start thinking about everything that could go wrong.

As you overthink your past, current and future life, you mentally drain yourself and blame your current zip code for this unrest.

You strongly believe the people in your city aren’t good for you or your talents aren’t nourished as you go about your daily tasks.

You seek, once again, new adventures and satisfy your wanderlust with never-ending travels.

Old Souls Want To Belong.

Although you know you don’t belong in this world, you still seek a place where you can call home.

You don’t want to waste time with people whom or places where you don’t feel comfortable, so you often wander off to new cities where you can settle in.

You stay a few months here, a few months there, and you're forever wondering whether you will ever find the place, or person, that will make you feel at peace.

Being an old soul can be confusing at times, especially in your 20s when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life. But, this shouldn’t be seen as negative. Travel the world, explore new venues and gain knowledge by doing rather than overanalyzing.

Are you on an old soul world tour? Comment your thoughts on past adventures below.