Why Putting On A Rough Exterior Won't Make Your Emotions Go Away


Looking for eternal happiness is a trap in itself. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? It is insanity and something that is unattainable.

The human experience offers a wide range of emotions, and choosing to have only one for the rest of your existence is a great way to find yourself dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

Think about that one person who is always happy, and how countless people get severely annoyed by the happy person's translucent, faux-happy routine each day. We can call BS because everything these people do and say seems so fake.

However, deep down, these people may be the saddest, angriest people on Earth, but they hide their emotions trying to be happy, further perpetuating their unhappiness.

Their emotions are building and building behind their falsified façades, waiting to burst at any moment.

Focusing on one emotion and depriving the others from surfacing yields hiding your true self — your true emotions and feelings -- from yourself and the world. Trying to be happy for every moment for the rest of your existence is madness.

We must come to terms with and realize “happiness” is just one notch on the vast, diverse and colorful human spectrum of emotions.

In a moment that you feel sad, feel the pain and deal with it for as long as you need and then, move on from it. Either don’t get stuck in sadness, or fly past it. The key is to feel it and then to continue on.

Do yourself the huge favor of dealing with sadness in the moment, without letting it build up for the sake of being “happy” for everyone else's satisfaction.

Even the calmest and most mentally strong among us are not always happy. They accept their emotions, experience them and move on. This is something that takes time to master, but is very imperative to our wholeness and fulfillment in life.

Yes, positive thinking and finding happiness will definitely improve the quality of one's life — there is no doubt about it. But, when we get stuck thinking that at any moment of our lives, we should be happy, things may become dangerous.

We begin to search for perfection; we drink to escape the sadness we feel and push away from love we deserve. We crave only good vibes and we're allergic to negative people.

But, we forget that the same people who are down in the dumps are just like us. We have also, at some point in our lives, been down and wallowing in our own self-pity. It happens.

These people are expressing their emotions and remaining true to themselves in the moment, not trying to mask what they're feeling.

When we put ourselves in this eternal happiness mindset, we are not being true to our emotions. We are drowning out all of the emotions, like sorrow, frustration, melancholy and anger, and simply filtering them to only experience one emotion: happiness.

We have emotions because they dictate how we feel in a given moment. They are not wrong or annoying, but simply a part of human nature we should express. Thus, we should not neglect them because when we do, we neglect ourselves.

The last people we should neglect are ourselves.

Be in the moment; be sad, eccentric, happy or frustrated because it means you are being true to your emotions and true to yourself. Who cares if everyone hates when you are depressed again after a bad breakup, or if you're overly competitive during football games?

Accept that life is wonderful, sad, scary, frustrating and exhilarating. Our emotions encompass it all, and we cannot expect to feel any different than how we do.

Remain in tune with yourself and how you feel in any given moment because you will be feeling all of those pent-up emotions later if you ignore them now.