Hold The Liquor: 4 Reasons College Parties Are Better When You’re Sober

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College parties are the best.

All of your friends are in one place casting aside last week's stressors, sharing laughs and letting loose as the night fades into day.

But it's hard to focus on having fun when you're constantly pressured to imbibe.

Who's throwing up?

Who's passing out?

Who's the designated driver?

The chaos of high nights and drunken days can throw off everyone's chill vibe.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to let loose without drinks and drugs.

Everyone can take off the beer goggles every once in a while.

Whether you never get hammered or just aren't in the mood, avoid blacking out, waking up with regrets and being hungover in morning.

Here are four sober thoughts for all you party people to stew on:

1. Make memories, not blackouts.

Whether you're at the club, at a house party or just chilling on the quad, the best part of a night out is being with your friends.

You're dressed to the nines, schoolwork and extracurriculars are the furthest things from your mind and you're ready to catch up with your favorite people on campus.

Now is the time to be young, to be free and to make memories.

But when you're high or blackout drunk, you won't remember the great times you had.

So many people go through college in a daze, drunken night after drunken night, never giving themselves the chance to experience things with their senses fully intact.

When you party sober, you can remember every amazing detail.

You'll be able to recall the joke your friend made that sent you into a laughing fit, the witty thing you said while flirting with a hottie and the feeling of letting the great music and conversation carry you through the night.

All of these things will become great stories later, but only if your sober mind remembers them.

2. Take off the beer goggles.

There's no shame in admitting it, as most of us have.

At one point or another, we've all drunkenly flirted with, made out with or gone home with someone who turned out to be questionable.

You didn't know it at the time, but you were a victim of beer goggles, the ocular obscurer that makes Mr. So Wrong look like Mr. Why Not.

Save yourself the walk of shame by partying sober for a change.

When you're seeing things (and people) clearly, you can find someone you're actually attracted to.

You don't have to worry about drunkenly embarrassing yourself in front of a potential mate, or being too high with the wrong person.

Your sober brain will allow the real, fun, witty, interesting you to come out.

And that lucidity will make you seem even sexier to the right person.

3. No regrets.

Everyone has experienced that moment of dread the morning after a night out, when you check your tagged photos on Facebook. Y

ou see yourself in embarrassing poses you don't remember getting into.

The plot thickens when you check your sent texts and think to yourself, "Can I remotely wipe them from my ex's phone before they're read?"

It's almost impossible to avoid these party faux pas, unless you keep your head clear.

Partying sober dramatically reduces the chance of regrets.

Have fun on your own terms, do the things you want to do and make memories you'd be proud to tell as stories later on.

College is about having fun, not being ashamed for things you did when you were out of control.

Stay sober, stay sane and save yourself from regrets.

4. The party may be over, but your fun doesn't have to be.

There will be no pounding headache, no need to hurl and no soreness in places you didn't know existed.

You've had a great time with your best friends, and now you're ready to take on the day, sans hangover.

Partying sober allows you to enjoy a great night out, and still be at the top of your game come sunrise (or, let's be real, noon).

College is the time to make memories that will last forever.

You're at the beginning of your adult life; you're fully equipped with the freedom of first-time independence, without the burden of grown-up responsibilities.

You don't want to waste these four awesome years in a haze of drunken delirium.

You want to remember the good times.

While partying is fun, some people unfortunately rely on liquid courage to compensate for their lack of confidence.

They don't believe they're any fun without it.

But it's so much more fulfilling to be engaged and in the moment, with your mind clear and open to new people, new feelings and new experiences.

When you know yourself, understand your limits and respect those of your friends, you'll be able to unwind and let loose even more.

Don't be afraid to be sober.

Put down the bottles and bongs every once in a while, and go out and have fun just as you are.