10 Times Perpetually Cold People Really Lose It During The Winter

I've refused to succumb to the cold all my life.

I don’t remember last time I lived in a cold city. (I have to thank my parents' hotel business for that.)

I’m that person who is always asking to turn down the air conditioner as soon as I enter a house.

I have no shame in saying when I’m cold.

If there’s the slightest temperature drop, you better believe I’m going to stay at home bundled in my warmest attire.

If you're a fellow cold chicken, listen up.

Here are 10 ways you can tell you're beach person:

1. You get chilly on summer nights.

2. Your hands are always cold, and bae hates it.

3. No matter how cute your outfit is, you’re not leaving your house without a leather jacket

4. You're literally glued to the radiator during winter.

5. You try to go to Europe during the winter, but you nearly die as soon as you arrive.

6. Sweater weather is not your favorite weather.

Where is your cuddle partner when you need one?

7. You hate coats.

It takes a certain character to enjoy wearing coats.

I personally would rather be in a bikini or my underwear all day long.

Coats are uncomfortable, itchy and usually not cute. Most importantly, they signal the arrival of winter.

8. The cold affects our professional and personal lives.

As if we needed more factors to make winter less bearable, we cant get sh*t done because we’re worrying about not freezing to death.

“Why can’t I feel my fingers? Somebody please check that I still have toes and fingers!”

And the ears?

Goodness gracious, the ears fell off the moment I left the house.

Let’s be honest: Some of us try to look a tad cute when we leave the house

It’s nice to get out of the sweatpants or onesies every once in a while.

It is not easy to look cute with earmuffs, gloves, scarf, two leggings, knit sweaters (plural), a faux fur coat, etc.

I just want to be at home and turn into a blanket burrito.

9. To make everything even more difficult for us frozen ducklings, every time we leave or enter a new place, the temperature changes dramatically.

If you’re shopping, you’re sweating because the heater is on.

If you’re at the workplace, the air conditioner is on. (Don’t get me started on office temps.)

Then, when you're walking down the street, the wind makes feel like you’re crossing through the Swiss Alps.

10. No one seems to understand us, especially our partners.

Since men generally have more muscle mass and a faster metabolism than women, we’re always the cold chickens in the room.

How many times have you fought with your babe about what temperature the room should be at?

“Just wear more f*cking clothes, baby," he says.

“Do you really want me to do that?" you answer.

Battle won.

According to Tabata Times, there are various scientifically proven reasons why women are always colder than men.

When resting, we burn more carbs (Where the donuts at?) than men, and thus we produce less fat.

Women and men burn (and store) body fat differently, making men produce heat more easily than women.

Stress affects women’s metabolism, impeding fat loss.

(You see, we’re not just bitchy. We have a reason to be more stressed and more cold).

So, as some wait for the dreary winter months to pass, others are saying, "F*ck it" and leaving to a warm place.

All they need to worry about is having a coconut in one hand and an island hottie in the other.

To the ones who can’t leave their sh*tty cold cities, I genuinely feel your pain and just have one piece of advice: Let the drinking games begin.