What 6 Types Of Club Wear Say About How You Will End Your Night

by Merylee Sevilla
Columbia Pictures

Friday night club scenes are like going to a fashion show.

You just never know what anyone is going to wear.

However, through all my club promoting, I have come to the conclusion that what someone wears to the bar actually dictates what kind of night he or she is most likely going to end up having.

So, what does one's Friday night outfit say about the person?

1. The "Now" Attire

This is the individual who is wearing every possible fashion "it" item.

It's as though the fashion runways of Milan, New York and Paris have just puked on this person, and he or she has worn it out to show it off.

The "now" person is typically someone who is trying hard to impress everyone.

More often than not, he or she is trying to look cool.

These "now" people can also be found accompanying their fashionable outfits with shots of tequila and hard liquor to make the night one they won't forget (or will).

Typically, these "now" nights end with a possible walk of shame.

2. The Subtle And Stylish

These individuals are the "it" girls and boys who just somehow make looking stylish so effortlessly easy.

They are the hipsters with a touch of class, and they don't have labels puking all over them.

They go for simplicity, and they'll combine high-end names (Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton) with common brands such as American Apparel.

These fashion "its" often pair their style with a classic draft or even a nice rail drink to show their adventurous side.

The nightcap for the "it" style is ending at a 24-hour diner with friends, laughing and sharing the night's adventures.

3. The Bar Star

These bar stars are fellow clubbers who work the scene. Their style is uniquely "down to earth."

Everyone knows them, so they have no issues wearing their Lululemons and white tank tops, possibly with Aritzia sweaters.

These bar stars look more like they're going to the gym.

Their drink choice is whatever the bartender is willing to serve them free of charge, as the chances of them paying are slim to none.

Their nights end with a nice, free hangover.

4. The Just Got Off Work

These club-goers are very distinguishable in the scene.

They'll most likely be more suited for the boardroom than the dance floor.

There are the guys in their Armani suits, and they'll throw money like it's nothing in the hopes of attracting the hottest women at the bar.

The typical drink for the guys is a nice scotch or whiskey on the rocks.

Women who go to the club or bar in their work outfits are typically looking to unwind, so they don't give two f*cks about what they're wearing.

Typically, these women will order a nice glass of wine to complement their successful sophistication.

As for the end of a "just got off work" look?

Well, just like they control their stocks, they also have control over the end of the night.

If they want to get lucky, they will.

5. The Rich Kid Slumming

These are the bar-goers who think wearing their khaki-ironed pants and polos make them the center of the club.

It doesn't.

These are the entitled ones who order bottle service for their fellow rich kid posses.

They don't tend to have much club experience, and they just tend to sit in the background, drinking away their Belvedere with cranberry.

The rich kids try to mix a hint of gangsta with class, but there's no mistaking them at the club.

They try too hard to catch people's attention.

6. The Attention-Seeker

These are the ones who wear as little clothing as possible.

Think "Jersey Shore" with guys wearing wife beaters and girls wearing large hoop earrings and mini-mini skirts.

They'll drink anything and everything.

Their night usually results in a "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am."

So, the next time you go out, maybe figure out what kind of night you're looking for.

Or better yet, figure out what your outfit says about you.